A Mommy’s Gift Idea for the Holidays #Giveaway

So you may remember that over the course of the year, I was given several amazing products that I could test (usually for my daughter) and review. Fortunately, all products that I received over the year we thoroughly loved! And for us, we see them as “MUST HAVES” for that special Child on your shopping list.

Gift But today I have a special giveaway. We LOVE our labels from Stickerkid, they can be personalized to reflect your child’s personality (favourite colors and animals) and look cute! The labels dress up any kid item. Our daughter easily identifies her water bottle now thanks to these labels. Have I mentioned they are durable?

Want to learn more? Read below.



StickerKid — They offer amazing super cute and durable labels and stickers that help you identify your child’s belongings. Check out my previous post here. They also have attractive wall decals and other great products that your child will love! I am also SUPER excited to share that I recently won one of their Advent prizes, heart shaped stickers that Emy will surely be excited about.

For my readers, StickerKid is giving away $35 COUPON CODE sign up here to be entered in the giveaway.

Oh also, if you ever want to place an order click the image  on the side of my page and you can access my affiliate page directly. I was thrilled when the company asked me to represent their brand. Who does’t love to support high quality, durable kids products?

All comments and reviews are my own. I have in the past been provided with free product to review, and to date am impressed by the quality of not only the product but customer service. 

Homemade Coconut Granola

As many of you know, maternity leave was one of the best years of my life. One of my favourite parts was the “new” moms that I met while on my leave. I am thrilled today to have one of my favourite mom friends share one of her amazing recipes. Ash is one creative gal, who always has the cutest DIY crafts, amazing drink photos and tasty recipes that make your mouth water. 

Welcome Ashley ….

Steps for making fool proof granola.


*Begin by preheating the oven to 350 degrees. Next spray a large tray with any type of non stick cooking spray (other option is to rub a little amount of coconut oil on the sheet)

*Combine 2 cups of quick rolled oats (gluten free oats are another option if preferred) with 1tsp of cinnamon, 1tbs of brown sugar and a pinch of salt .

* Once well combined spread  evenly over the baking sheet

*In another bowl combine 1/4 cup of honey heated up in microwave for 25-30 seconds  with 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil (at room temperature), amount depends on how crispy you want the granola to be  (personally I prefer mine crunchy)

*Once the liquids are all combined pour onto the oat mixture evenly.

*At this point I normally add a 1 tsp of vanilla for flavour  and sometimes even dried  apricot and coconut flakes (approx half a cup) .  Mix well and evenly with a spoon and bake for 8-10 mins.
Remove  drop the over and wait until granola is completely cooled .  With a spatula  scrap it off  the baking sheet (although should come off quote easily if you sprayed enough ) .

This  recipe makes a large amount which keeps for weeks if sealed in a  glass jar or Tupperware.  It’s a great option for breakfast, snacks for school and work.  My daughter loves it with natural plain Greek yogurt and a touch of  agave or honey drizzled on the top !


Ashley is a busy mom always on the go. She has a two year old daughter named Livia  and loves spending time with my family and baking. I’m avid runner.