Goals for This “30 Something” Gal  

30 something

I felt inspired by the comments I received on my post the day after I turned the big 3-0 to share my ten goals for the next year, as I find my bearings as the latest member of the 30 something club.

One thing I realized as I aged was that there is a definite connection between living a healthy lifestyle and making changes to both your eating habits and exercise habits.
This connection is so important for ensuring a healthy mind and soul. For me, I feel so much more positive and in control of my feelings and eating when I take the time to workout and challenger myself physically.

10352203_1451814121757336_4257078621083076510_nHere are my 10 new goals to complete over the next year as I adjust to being thirty (some will repeat from earlier posts, in large part to keep me accountable!):

1. Complete my fitness certification by end of summer (almost there!!).

2. Run my first 1/2 marathon.

3. Teach/organize my first circuit training/boot camp class program. This is part of a longer term goal that teaching and running these programs would become a part of my weekly routine.

4. Eliminate all packaged and processed food from my family’s diet.

5. Live the “Fridgeonomics” lifestyle. Buy only what we need, waste not want not.

6. Read more. Be an active participant in the two virtual book clubs I have joined.

7. Become a member of the #5amclub. This means in bed by 10pm! (Not 12am).

8. Continue to spend quality time with my little family, by learning to relax more and slow our pace down.

9. Be happy. Be positive. And enjoy the moment more (wait … maybe this could be actually  3 separate goals).

And most importantly,

10. Finally, own it. By loving this new chapter and embracing all the changes it presents, both physically and mentally. Show by example has been my motto since my daughter was born and now it becomes even more important as her awareness of the world around her grows. I want her to be enjoy each milestone in her life.

I know I have mixed very tangible goals with sort of intangible ones. But that’s okay! Like life, having diversified goals is what keeps us on our toes, tests us and challenges us to continue to push and seek out what makes YOU happy.

What goals have you set for this year?

Summer Is Coming and It’s Sunscreen Season

How many of you constantly battle with your toddlers or children about wearing sunscreen?


Chasing them endlessly around the house or the park, to spray or lather them with the gooey, cold cream. Flailing … wailing …  squirming. 

Dreading the upcoming sunscreen season, yet? And … remember how we have to balance all of that with 30 mins wait time to ensure it’s effective.

Moreover, how many YOU “forget” to apply YOUR sunblock?  Many of us think that just because we live in colder climates (like Canada), we don’t need to apply year round.


Sun protection is important year round no matter where you live. 

Thankfully, our little one loves the idea of applying cream. So much so that every time we attempt the sunblock dance, she insists that all of her dolls, including her wooden horse must also have sunblock applied.


So a 10 minute process takes 30 minutes, but you know what, who cares?

At least she is being protected from the effects of the sun by wearing a sunscreen with an SPF (minimum of 30 SPF). Did you know, that there is a minimal difference between 30 SPF and 50 SPF in terms of sun protection?

I am struck by a post I read recently on the First Derm Online Dermatology website about the importance of wearing sunblock, and the author emphasized one key point:

The best sunscreen is the one you will wear. 

Lets protect their (our) skin now! We want them to grow up without worry about future skin issues all because WE didn’t protect them young. As Jennifer Lonzer says, “Any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen: the best sunscreen is one you’ll use, one your children will use, according to the directions, every day.”

Both Canadian and American Cancer research show that no sunscreen can block all of the sun’s rays, so therefore sunscreen should only be one part of how you protect you and your family from the effects of the sun. Think about wearing a hat, sunglasses or light clothing when you are outside and likely to be exposed for a long time.


Now that our little one is older we have started to also teach her the importance of protecting her eyes on the sunny days, by wearing shades.

Make wearing sunglasses fun for your toddler by picking up a cool, colourful pair for them to sport around that playground. You know what, lead by example and “wear a pair” too!


If you would like more information on the importance of sunscreen check these sites out:

 I’d love to hear your stories or experiences. Please share them below! This is part of bringing more awareness. 

It’s amazing all the work that First Derm Online Dermatology is doing to try to help users identify skin issues and how they can be treated through early detection. In the coming days, I will share my family’s experience with the First Derm app (check it out on iTunes or Google Play). For my honest review and testing of their online app I was given two complimentary cases, which means that I can scan an ongoing skin issue and have it assessed by one of their board certified dermatologist for an expert opinion.

They are actively supporting skin cancer awareness, follow them with hashtag #spotcancer campaign.