Mid-Year Update on My Personal Goals


Alright, so we are just over half way through the year and I thought I would take this time to reevaluate my goals, and to share my “refreshed” goals for the remainder of the year.

1. I have decided not to do my half marathon this year, given my knee injury. Instead I will run two – 1o km races and two – 5km races.

2. Maintain my modified Paleo lifestyle.

3. Complete my group fitness instructor certification (I am on track to be finished by August).

4. Read three books not related to parenting and not related to my job (doesn’t seem like a lot but boy it is hard to focus on reading in the evening after a busy day at the office and home). Will share titles soon.

5. Integrate yoga practice, even not weekly — biweekly into my work out routine to open up my hip flexors and to help become a bit more grounded. Sometimes, I find the stress of balancing it all to be a challenge.

What does it mean to be a working mom?

What does it mean to be a working mom?

1. Long days. Friends, I know you know all about it. You get up early, you do the morning routines, nursery school prep, head off to work, work, leave work for school pick up, park, dinner, bath time, bed time, cleaning time, and spend time with my husband.  And then, set my alarm and start all over the next day.

2. Well organized. Boy do I need to be well-organized. At the beginning of the week, my husband and I always plan for the week, our activities and our meals. The same goes for work life. I am always making my lists, of things to do, places to visit and shopping required.

3. Some “me time. Okay, so sure I get my alone time during the day, but I love trying to squeeze in a lunch time run or a group fitness class.

4. Multi-tasker. That’s right. This lady is most productive when she has several things on the go. I often ask one of my friends why I do this to myself, and she replied “you are someone who needs to be challenged”.  We live a busy family life and I lead a busy work life with files that require lots of attention and regular trips abroad.

I thrive on the challenge. 

Finally …

5. Socializing. I am lucky to not only be surrounded with a great group of friends in our neighbourhood, but I get to hang with some of the greatest and most hilarious people everyday.

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