Stay on Track Over the Holidays

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Calling all fitness and health friends,

With the Holiday Season just around the corner and the seasonal parties, drinks and food, I want to help you stay on track and feel like you can live a little. Spoil yourself with one of those Christmas cocktails or splurge by eating a candy cane or two. I have a great program just for you! 12 days of FITMAS will combine cardio, strength and tabata, leaving you sweating and your heart  pumping.

But what’s great about this program? The workouts are only 20-30 minutes. That means two hard days with a  day of rest in between! We start on Dec 6 and go until Dec 18!  

Message below for details on rates and the program.

Allow yourself to be more. 


Not Your Ordinary Apple Crisp #HempHearts @ManitobaHarvest @Fitapproach #Sweatpink


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I love apple season!

But who really doesn’t love to eat straight from the farm apples? As many of you know, we love supporting local farmers and our community.

As soon as September rolls around, I am already planning our first excursion to the local orchard. We would even pick apples together, before my daughter was born. I remember the first time we decided to go to Mountain Apple Orchard, we invited two friends and the four of us couldn’t have looked more like urbanites if we tried. I wore nice sandals, one of my branded cross body purses and my husband sported his nicest polo and our friends, well you can imagine how silly they looked at the orchard with business casual dress shoes.

And now, well we take our daughter and often join friends. She loves  the atmosphere, the energy of the other farm goers, and new season just as much of me and her papa. They have tractor rides, hay games and so much more. If you are local, you must check it out.

While visiting the farm, we eat so many apples in the field of all varieties. They are often sour, but amazing!  Nothing screams FALL like a fresh Macintosh picked straight from the tree, with your own hands. Buying apples directly from a store is so overrated.


When I was accepted to participate in the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts trial and undertake my first brand giveaway, I immediately thought I am going to give them a try in my personalized apple crisp recipe. My husband kindly peeled and cored all the apples. I carefully and thoughtfully mixed the granola topping, making sure to remember to add the Hemp Hearts.

How can you beat the smell of apple crisp baking in the oven on a cold fall day. Moreover with all the benefits that the Hemp Hearts have to offer, why wouldn’t you want to add them to your foods. I even snuck a little bit into brownies and a potato and leek soup I made recently.

No one could even tell the difference! Mouth watering.


Here you go! Delicious, fresh apple crisp straight from my home to yours. Well not quite so lucky, you can only imagine how delicious it was, sweet but with a slight taste of “earthy”.

Click here —> If you want your own chance to receive a bag of Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts to try, check out my a Rafflecopter giveaway!

I was provided with a free sample of Hemp Hearts in exchange for an honest review. All views expressed are my own.