You Only Have One Skin

So take care of it! 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was approached by Bright Side Skin Care about their organic product line. As a girl who appreciates beauty products, I couldn’t resist the urge of pampering my skin, so I immediately said “Yes Please!”


When my package arrived,  I was shocked to see that I received full size products, (I had expected only small size bottles) and was equally impressed by the fact I was given the whole product line to try. Now that’s a company who takes care of its clients.


I love the daisy design, black and white with the hint of yellow. Simple, but sophisticated and smart. I think it can also been very gender neutral, for example, my husband could easily travel with this skincare line without worry about it looking too feminine. It grabbed my attention instantly, and really lives up to the company image of being organic, chemical free and natural. Tasteful marketing.

The products are made of the highest quality ingredients, and are free of many of the chemicals found in mainstream products. The company strives to ensure its products are free of fragrance, parabens, sulfates, Lanolin, pthalates, carcinogens, cruelty and gluten (*to a certain point).

Here is the picture of my skin prior to beginning my new skin care routine.


To really give the feel of a spa, I arranged my products neatly along my bathroom sink.





I consistently tried this product (in fact I am still using it) over two weeks. What’s great is that less is more. The product lathers up with only a small amount (I’d say about a dime size) and the creams spread so easily and lightly.




The products I received were for combination skin. It works for all skin types, given its antioxidants that help to limit the damaging effects of skin. What is cool is that the cleanser itself has an activate charcoal which helps to properly clean your skin from daily toxins.



What I loved about the cleanser? The lather and the feeling that it actually removed the dirt, make up and the feeling of sweat.

Sometimes I find that face products have too many perfumes in it, but this line doesn’t leave your head spinning with all the different smells. The scent is far more natural and leave you with the feeling of freshness. I love how refreshed I feel first thing in the morning, and it’s soothing effect at night!  
I was also provided this educational video to teach me the proper way to care for my skin with Bright Side Skin Care, check it out!

As a fit mama, I am constantly running around (and literally running) and working out at the gym. I need a product that is easy, light weight and allows me to travel with it or take it to the gym. My time is limited so having an organic and effective product is exactly what I need!

Here I am over two weeks later!

 You will be impressed by how refreshed you will feel and how your skin feels not only smooth, but tight. It is a must have! And I have to say that the prices are also quite reasonable, and something you can easily add to your beauty (or if you are a man, grooming) routine.


For more information on how to get your own product line, please check out their website here.



Kerri, the founder of the skincare line strives to ensure a quality product, while always offering a high level of professionalism and passion for her product. I recommend reading her story, and learning more about her driving force.


Skin Care Products are Key to Healthy Complexions


Okay this is a slightly personal post as I am going to really put myself out there and share with you my nightly routine, photos and all!

Pre-baby I was far more consistent with taking care of my skin pre-baby, in a large part because I had far more time. I can recall many times where my husband would also comment about how diligent I was with maintaining my skin and ensuring that it was properly cleansed and hydrated.

Nowadays, I am lucky to get bathroom time alone without a toddler knocking on the door or wanting to come and “wash her hands”. It always seems like she wants to “potty train” just as I enter the washroom.

I was so excited when Kerri from Brightside Skin Care reached out to me to try her awesome product line. This really will be a journey as it will take 2 weeks before I should start to notice changes and my skin will adjust to the product.

Check out these fun products!


The cute – simple product design really grabs your attention. Makes the line seem young and modern. Love it!

My set us for combination skin. As I do not usually have oil skin and sometimes I only get break outs when it’s that time of month. The products are filled with antioxidants that limit the damaging effects on the skin. But more on the products next time!


A little goes a long way!

I do want to add, however, the products are FREE of: parabens, sulfates, lanolin, carcinogens and many other toxic chemicals. For the most part they are also considered to be gluten-free!

I have to say I was immediately impressed by the outstanding customer service Kerri provided, and the cool video she shared that demonstrated the proper way to use their products. Very few people know the “right” way to care for their skin. By following the appropriate steps you should be able to see noticeable changes in your appearance.


Stay tuned for my thoughts and views on the product at the end of the two-week trial.

What’s your skin care routine?