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So I have made some BIG decisions recently as many of you know. One being, I am going to become a group fitness instructor to pursue my passion for health and fitness on the side. I love the idea of being able to share and help others on their health journey as well.

To complete this process I require up to 12 hours of practical, hands on experience before I can be evaluated.

Tonight, I would like to reveal one of the two fitness professionals that have agreed to mentor me throughout this final stage of my certification.




FIT MOM Ottawa

Susan MacDonald


I met Susan fairly early on in my pregnancy during her Pre-Natal Fitness classes in Old Ottawa South. After having my daughter, I tried her Fit Mom and Mom and Baby Classes. She is one of the reasons why I have decided to also complete a pre/post natal certification, her passion and love to help women throughout all stages of their fitness journey is inspiring and meaningful. On top of it all, she is a successful small business owner, who proves that it’s possible to pursue your passion and give back to her community in so many ways.


Click here for Fit Mom’s schedule of classes in Ottawa


Stay tuned (next week) for the reveal of my second mentor.  

In the spirit of discussing group fitness related subjects, I came across this awesome article on one of my blogging friends websites.

How to tell if your group exercise instructor is good! Boy, I will have a lot to learn from this one.


I am joining the girls at Wild Workout Wednesday to share my thoughts.  Be sure to check out AnnemarieAngelena MarieUpala and Amber for lots more posts on fitness and health!

How Toddlers Thrive – #Parenting #BOOKREVIEW COMING SOON!

Sorry this is something I must share. I will start my post by first saying that I have not been asked to review this book. It was simply recommended to me by one of my online bloggers as a “must read” as a mama to an over active, independent toddler.

By the way, I would not change this about my little one for the world, the keen desire to test boundaries, to better understand the world she lives and to be simply her own person. But I would like to learn how to best deal with the many raises that arise


So in the coming week or two,I will share my thoughts and opinions about the book

“How Toddlers Thrive” by Dr. Tovah P. Klein.

Boy, I’m really starting to learn more about my little one and how to deal with her tantrums. Usually these books frustrate me, but I’m finding it quote enlightening, especially realizing that all the toddler problems we are experiencing are normal (including the screaming, pushing, etc). I mean, we knew that these were normal but I always believe there is room for improvement, room for finding out better ways to tackle said situations.

*Sigh of relief.

What books would you recommend to “new” parents? Books that go beyond the normal, mainstream parenting books and get to what’s useful and helpful advice?