#FamilyTime – Isn’t THAT what’s all about?

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So many of you may have found my blogging a bit quiet over the weekend.

silence on the blogging front, in fact all of my social media platforms.


That was totally intentional and not because I ran out of things to share. This weekend was about spending quality time with my family and friends. That is what we did! Every year we say we don’t want to make plans, we just want a quiet relaxing time for us to just regroup after a busy winter and spend time just lounging and hanging out at the park.

Our weekend was relaxing! But we kicked it off with a brunch on Friday with a few of our neighbourhood friends (12 adults and 6 kids!) Busy times, but we made it a “community affair“each family bringing a dish to share. The kids had a blast playing together, especially in the Park.



So the funny part is that even after spending the entire morning together, we parted ways for nap time, we still found ourselves together at the park later in the day. This is definitely the greatest part of our small neighbourhood, the community. I have shared this with you all before!



Saturday, after spending a lovely morning with my Aunt and Cousin visiting from out-of-town, we spent the day preparing for our big dinner we were hosting. Turkey with some spring time sides (AND, sticking with my promise to not obsess over taking pictures and having my phone stuck in my hand, I took no pictures of the actual meal). The meal was a huge success! And again we gathered together with our close friends celebrating the Easter season.




Sunday we spent the day together as a family and played at the Park and were treated to a delicious family dinner of homemade turkey soup.

Aren’t holidays an amazing thing?  

They always bring together family and friends, and make you re-evaluate your priorities and what “family time” really means. 






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So I have made some BIG decisions recently as many of you know. One being, I am going to become a group fitness instructor to pursue my passion for health and fitness on the side. I love the idea of being able to share and help others on their health journey as well.

To complete this process I require up to 12 hours of practical, hands on experience before I can be evaluated.

Tonight, I would like to reveal one of the two fitness professionals that have agreed to mentor me throughout this final stage of my certification.




FIT MOM Ottawa

Susan MacDonald


I met Susan fairly early on in my pregnancy during her Pre-Natal Fitness classes in Old Ottawa South. After having my daughter, I tried her Fit Mom and Mom and Baby Classes. She is one of the reasons why I have decided to also complete a pre/post natal certification, her passion and love to help women throughout all stages of their fitness journey is inspiring and meaningful. On top of it all, she is a successful small business owner, who proves that it’s possible to pursue your passion and give back to her community in so many ways.


Click here for Fit Mom’s schedule of classes in Ottawa


Stay tuned (next week) for the reveal of my second mentor.  

In the spirit of discussing group fitness related subjects, I came across this awesome article on one of my blogging friends websites.

How to tell if your group exercise instructor is good! Boy, I will have a lot to learn from this one.


I am joining the girls at Wild Workout Wednesday to share my thoughts.  Be sure to check out AnnemarieAngelena MarieUpala and Amber for lots more posts on fitness and health!