A healthier you in 2016… it’s EASY!

Just dusting off a piece from last year, very much relevant. Happy New Year friends.

Many thanks for the contribution from Dr. Crystal Holly, Clinical Health Psychologist.

Making steps towards a healthier you doesn’t actually need to be that hard. However, we all know that making those New Year’s resolutions stick beyond the first few weeks can be the real challenge. There are a few easy steps you can keep in mind when goal setting that make your intentions achievable and sustainable, for the long run!

  1. Set specific goals. If you can’t define what success actually is in your goal then it isn’t specific enough. Good goals are easily measured. While we want to “Be healthier” it isn’t very clear what HEALTHY is for you. Be more clear (and see my next post on the EASY route to health)! A better goal would be “I want to have 3 servings of fruit and vegetables each day”.See My Mama Journey’s post on “A New Chapter Begins Now… Welcome 2015
  2. Set measurable goals. For example, “Get more sleep” isn’t very clear or specific. However, “Go to bed at 10 pm” OR “Get 8 hours of sleep a night” is much more clear and attainable.
  3. Set goals that have time points. Often people set goals that are too vague “I want to eat healthier”. Goals are more easily reached if there are time-points built in that help you keep track of your success. A better goal would be “I want to bring a healthy snack to work 4x a week”.
  4. Keep them attainable. When we get excited about making change in our lives we often strive too high. It is best to set small reachable goals. Once you have incorporated those goals into your life and sustain them, THEN you can start to build upon them. Yes, running a marathon this year is a great goal but if you’re not already a long-distance runner, then you’re better of setting the short-term goal of “I want to starting to run 3 times a week for 20 minutes”. Later on this can build up to multiple runs a week of 1 hour.

Remember- making changes and setting goals can be challenging- but usually only because we do too much too quick. Research shows that if you set yourself up for success by setting appropriate goals you’ll be working your way up the health ladder in no time. And if you slip- no problem- we all do. Just get back on and try again and you’ll be one step closer to where you want to be.

So, what about that E-A-S-Y part? Stay tuned for Post 2 on how to make EASY healthy lifestyle changes

1 week out!

Did you check out my previous post about balancing healthy lifestyles with training, while travelling?

If not, do it! CLICK HERE. Even if you don’t travel the YouTube Circuit provided by Keridon Lifestyle Coach can be done while watching TV, commercials or if you have 10-20-30 minutes to spare.


As for my weekly updates, I have nothing really special to share, other than the fact that I will provide full disclosure that I enjoyed my typical treats while travelling in Switzerland (fondue and fresh bagette, McDonalds – yes that’s right, it taste better here! I NEVER eat it at home, Crepes, to name a few).

But how did I balance these cheats? I walked everywhere, most days I think we walked close to 10kms up and down and all around. The beauty of being in a city that is built around people walking and commuting by bicycle.  I also visited the hotel gym a few times to maintain the great work  I have been doing with my trainer.  I am just sorry I didn’t pack some outdoor running gear to enjoy a beautiful 12 degrees jog around the Lake.

How did I score this week? Not a perfect 10, but I worked hard, made smart decisions about food choices (for the most part) and pushed forward with my work outs! What more could a girl ask for?


BIG NEWS — 1 week away from the start of my Group Fitness Training! Basic Theory here I come!!