#TastyTuesday: #Homemade Strawberry #Chia Jam!

Nothing beats homemade jam and scones!



Who is with me?

I decided over the weekend to try my hand at a simple, but new jam recipe made with Chia seeds.

It took a whole 15 mins!

So like everyone else, I have always wondered about Chia seeds and why they are all the range now!


What are the benefits? 

· Balance blood sugar
· Adds additional fibre and protein to your diet
· Anti-oxidants


Best Part? Awesome fresh ingredients!

· 1 cup of organic strawberries (Remember, they are on the list of dirty 30, click here for list)
· 1 tbsp of local buckwheat honey (thanks Rochon Farms!) and
· ¼ cup of chia seeds.

What do you get? An AMAZING — clean — know exactly what’s in it — JAM!



How many of you can actually understand the ingredients on the back of most store-bought jams?

Not us, and yes, we do often still buy it because it’s easy and economically better. BUT, as we learn more about our health and what we are putting into our bodies, I’d rather take the 15 mins (and lets face it, the only work involved is cleaning and cutting the strawberries and occasionally stirring the pot to avoid burning) to make something that we know what’s in it!


Give it a try!

Get creative, switch out the strawberries for really any fresh berries. We can’t wait to try this recipe with our own Rhubarb; it’s going to be tasty!

#GlutenFree Apple Scones, #TastyTuesday is Here!

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Photo taken by My Mama Journey

 Well my oh my … my latest discovery Gluten Free Apple Scones!
made with Almond flour)

We found this amazing recipe from the website Epicurious! It is a bless of motivation and inspiration for all those people who love creative ideas and testing new recipes.

They are sweet because of the baking apple, but the almond adds a bit of nutty taste. Excellent combination. Next time I think I would add a few raisins (kind of reminds me of a treat you would get out in the country).


This is a must try recipe, loved even by our toddler! She runs around in the morning sayings “S- KONES” “S-KONES” She is not yet able to clearly pronounce the “c”.

Forgive me for not having given a snapshot on Sunday evening of our weekly meal prep. It was a success, with tasty new recipes and some favourites – Hearty Vegetable Soup, Almond Crusted Chicken, Vegetable Pad Thai, Turkey and Quinoa Burgers (new recipe!), and Beef Stew.

YUMMY! (as my little one would say)

Will share pictures as the week shapes up.

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