#REVIEW: Journey to Healthy Eating

What better way to kick of Motivational Monday by looking at ways to keep you INSPIRED and ON TRACK!

Thanks to Snacking in Sneakers for the opportunity to review Journey to Healthy Eating – 28 Day Nutrition Challenge, designed by Christie Carroll, Registered Dietician.


Her challenge is designed to take you through a 4-week program that addresses important steps in making lasting changes to your lifestyle and nutrition.

Each week is designed to “naturally” target key aspects of any lasting health journey: Detoxification, Planning, Preparation, & Healthy Meals, Superfoods and Listening to Your Body & Creating Success.

My favourites parts of the challenge included: 

  • The wealth of “reader friendly” information. It didn’t feel like information overload (you know that stage where you can no longer retain what you are reading?). It was just the right amount of information and details that anyone interested in making healthier lifestyle choices could understand.
  • The overview on Superfoods (week 3), while I eat many of these foods I never realized some of the additional benefits you can get from these foods. For example eating strawberries more regularly (contains folate, a natural form of folic acid). Given that I have cut out many grains and gluten products from my diet I need to find other ways to get folic acid. Also, important for women trying to conceive or are already pregnant (and no, we aren’t there yet but in childbearing years important to consider early on).
  • New information on the importance of balancing the amount of flax and chia in your diet with water intake. Chrissy explains “If you are adding a considerable amount of flax and chia (or any other source of fiber to your diet) – be sure to also increase the amount of water you are drinking. If you increase fiber without increasing fluid intake, it can result in constipation.” All those new mom’s take note.

After completing the challenge, I wanted to learn more about the following (thanks to Chrissy making me more aware of how and why the following is important part of your road to living a healthy lifestyle):

  • I struggle with getting the right balance of Omega 3 because of my seafood allergy. What can-should people with allergies do to ensure they get the right amounts of Omega in their diet?
  • Tips and tricks for eliminating caffeine. I drink at least 2 cups of coffee daily. It isn’t so much that I need the coffee, but rather I like the routine.
  • How many nuts are too much? I would love to add more into my diet versus other snacks but always worry that it might be counterintuitive.
  • Following in the words of Shakespeare, “to take or not to take probiotic”.

I recommend checking out these challenges, you won’t be disappointed!

In many ways, we each do one or more of these challenges on a daily basis without actually realizing the long-term effect or benefit of these small things we are making in our lives. Together, with Chrissy’s information you will understand why these changes are important and how they can help you and your family in the long run.

Listen to your body and keep making those healthy changes! A little guidance, and a wealth of knowledge can help you stay on track and successful.

I have been following “Snacking in Sneakers” for a few months now and I would say that if you or someone you know is looking to make simple, straight forward changes (or to understand the benefits of the small things you do on a daily basis) in their lives PURCHASE your  copy today Here!  


Please note that the review of this document is my own opinion, and am I am not pretending to be a  nutritionist or health practitioner. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to direct these to Christy who is a registered dietician or to your own medical professional. 

Running Room Clinic with a Twist! – Bring a Stroller




Learn to Run!

A few weeks ago I hinted to big news … involving me + fellow fit parents (and individuals) + strollers with an interest to learn and a love for running (wow, that’s a mouth full!)

The time has come and I can NOW share some exciting news …

Starting May 1 — Join me at the Running Room on Slater Street (Ottawa) for a Learn to Run (strollers are encouraged!) and lets train together!

Who doesn’t love a Friday morning run, meeting new people and learning tips and tricks for how to become healthier and stronger as a runner.

FWO_flyer_slater Post

Interested in signing up?
Please send an email to slater@runningroom.com or click here to be directed to the RR website.

Goal – Commonwealth Run, July 1st, 2015