Absentee Blogger … 

Blogging friends, notice me absent recently?

Perhaps some of you didn’t even miss my regular posts. That’s okay! The world of internet and blogging is big!

While I missed Truth Thursday, I wanted to share that a took a break to really evaluate my activities and to reflect on what or why I was doing so much more than I needed too.


Like most of us, we all have friends that seem perfectly happy with a work-home lifestyle, where much of what they do is really centred around these two lives. I have never been someone who could just live life-like that, I love planning and organizing, socializing and dining. As you know from my earlier posts, I am always on the go. Always taking on the next big adventure or planning the next Party.

But, this reflection time was different. I wondered, why am I doing this? Why am I really writing these posts? Do I really have loyal followers besides my mom “Hi Mom! 🙂”  Are my posts having any impact on others lives?

I may never know entirely whether my written word is having an impact, but I realized that I have been using blogging as an outlet (for the most part). Writing about things so far from what I do on a daily basis at work. Light writing. Writing that doesn’t require me to need to think too much and allows me to express how I am feeling honestly and frankly.

Friends often ask me what my plans are with my blog. To be honest, I really started it for fun and it has become much more than I ever expected. I have no real plans. Maybe this will become a tool in the future as I venture for fun into group fitness training. Or, perhaps it will just be my online diary, where I am able to write away what’s weighing on my mind, even if it isn’t the subject of my posts.

Hello followers, I am back! 

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Weekend of #Fitness and #BurningBuns 

And I am not talking about the ones in the oven.

As I woke up this morning, sore in places I did not even know was possible — all I can say is “HELLO MONDAY!”

So as you know, a month ago I started my training to become a group fitness instructor through the YMCA. Their program is recognized across the country and is highly regarded. Boy, I certainly was not disappointed. The Basic Theory course proved challenging and while I passed my exam with flying colours I still have a lot to review to make sure I – 100% understand the connection between the movement and joints.

The past weekend, I completed the in class group fundamentals and group strength sections. My goal is  to become certified in a field that will allow me to teach strength and resistance classes, as well as circuit and interval like classes/boot camps. Most of the day, today was spent in the Studio participating in a group strength course lead by the workshop instructor and then break away small groups to practice and lead small 15 mins strength programs. That was certainly a fun challenge, lots of laughs, moments of “I can’t do this.. No more squats and lunges!”

I consider myself a fairly fit individual, and for the most part try to challenge my body. But today, I felt like I was able to go even farther. Mind you, there is always room for improvement and I am still very early into this profession. The best part of my day, the part that built up my confidence even more was when one of my classmates commented that I looked strong. I cannot recall exactly what move I was doing, but from that moment on I felt like I put even more into the routines we were practicing. Thanks Lady, for the major confidence boost. I was feeling so great that I even tried and succeeded at using a Bosu Ball to do some squats, balance excercise combining biceps and triceps.

As I begin my apprenticeship hours (I hope to be able to share the details soon!), I will start to share more fitness and health tips. So stay tuned and continue to join me on my fitness journey. I want to be able to inspire each of you to make small but important health changes that will be lasting.

I’m excited to see what’s in store this year! Some great fitness workshops coming up and so many exciting plans to kick-start and drive my fitness passion.


Enough from me now! I think an ice bath is in store. 

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