Rochon Gardens CSA #5

We love Thursday nights in our household. It’s the day we pick up our Rochon Gardens Community Agriculture Share! As you have probably learned by now, we love to shop locally for our produce and love to support our local farmers.

Today, our CSA basket didn’t disappoint. Check out these healthy mix of delicious veggies and fruit! (Eggs and sheep’s milk cheese to boot!)

2015 - 1

Yes, fruit — it’s Ottawa’s strawberry picking season. Be prepared for a delicious burst of sweetness and just simply, pure bliss.

Unfortunately, my daughter and father in law both indulged in the berries that taste like a sour blueberry before I could snap a photo (so my friend kindly took one of her berries). Every bite was just so delicious and juicy.


After a busy week of vacationing and eating unhealthy, we are looking forward to week of “getting back on track” and challenges ourselves to use the basket to the fullest. I will be sharing about my vacation belly later this week!

And to top off our amazing experience, we received a healthy perennial to other plant outside or nurture inside. We are hoping to show off our green thumb and keep it blooming indoors. It’s a great opportunity to teach our little one the joys of a gardening.

Our menu this week includes: warm salads, tomato soup, zucchini spaghetti, beet soup, carrot chips and kale chips. Not including delicious veggie and fruit trays.

What does your meal plan look like for the week ahead?


Check out more about the Community Agricultural Share program now!

Give back to your community.


Simple Summer Salads

So folks, who doesn’t love a delicious salad?


I have shared this before but I struggle with cooking and preparing meals in the summer. Something about standing over a hot stove really gets to me. I much rather have my husband fire up the BBQ and keep our sides super simple, but delicious.

What’s better than a simple green salad mix (fresh from a local farm – Rochon Gardens, Ottawa) mixed with dill (yes, DILL! AMAZING), fresh vegetables, a little quinoa and a homemade salad dressing.  Eating healthy doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive or hard. Next time you are scratching your head for a delicious side, keep it simple.

Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.


Last week I shared a snapshot of our 3rd Rochon Garden CSA basket. Starting next week, I will not only share a photo of the fresh ingredients we are given, but I will share a detailed post of how we use each one. Not only does this help to inspire your meal ideas, but it keeps me on track.