What February 14 is Really About

What’s so special about Valentine’s Day?

I am not a cynic. I am loved by my handsome husband, beautiful daughter and a supportive family and friend circle.

Over the years I have realized that love, kindness and commitment one tends to “share” on February 14 is really what should be shown year round.

In your everyday actions.

Everyday of the year.

Isn’t the time we spend together, the memories we create more meaningful, more reflective of this day we call Valentine’s Day? and the love we share?

So the weeks leading up this “special” day are all about what you buy that loved one. Here’s an interesting comparison; I was in Europe for work this past week. There was only one instance (besides picture at airport of Roses) all week that I saw a small hint of V-Day. At a small grocery store, Lindt had a little display of heart shaped chocolates. There were no advertisements, posters, or tv commercials. I thought this was indicative of how commercialized we have let this day become.

Don’t get me wrong, I like flowers, chocolates and jewellery like the next person. I’d be a hypocrite to say I didn’t, and I love being surprised even more (like today, my hubby gave me a beautiful necklace! Totally unexpected!)

But, as I teach my daughter lessons, I want her to see gat it is more than just chocolates and candy. It’s about appreciating your loved ones and sharing special moments with them.





Today, we will do just that! Swimming lessons, take out dinner and snuggles on the couch while reading my little ones books. After a long week away, this is what really matters to me on this day.




Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

1. Long walk or cross-country ski with your family

2. Brunch at your favourite spot (in Ottawa, check out the February 15 Valentine Brunch at the Museum of Nature)

3. Reading books, doing crafts and baking weekend treats

4. #Winterlude2015, skate along the world’s longest skating rink!

When my LO goes down tonight, I’m looking forward to a nice chocolate treat and good movie with my hubby.

Motivation Monday – cliché right?


So my plan each Monday is to briefly share what has worked for me (us as a family) to stay motivated throughout our health and fitness path! A common theme among many of the posts to date is the need to be organized and prepared. This can go along way when you have a specific goal in mind, whether this be to lose weight, improve eating habits or simply just become a happier you. The post published yesterday that talks about becoming a healthier you and how it can be easy really hits this point home.

For me I don’t and won’t stay accountable unless I plan for the week ahead. My husband is the same way, if we don’t organize and plan the meals for the week or figure out when we need to bring gym clothes to work, we end up eating a lunch or two out, and for sure take the easier, less healthy way out at dinner time (and skip the gym out of pure laziness). When we do that, we always beat ourselves up over having not been just a bit more organized. Really, that’s what’s key for us … organization.

To stay the track we need to plan, plan, and plan some more. 

We try to remind ourselves that making these lasting lifestyle modifications will eventually become a natural way of life.