A healthier you in 2016… it’s EASY!

Just dusting off a piece from last year, very much relevant. Happy New Year friends.

Many thanks for the contribution from Dr. Crystal Holly, Clinical Health Psychologist.

Making steps towards a healthier you doesn’t actually need to be that hard. However, we all know that making those New Year’s resolutions stick beyond the first few weeks can be the real challenge. There are a few easy steps you can keep in mind when goal setting that make your intentions achievable and sustainable, for the long run!

  1. Set specific goals. If you can’t define what success actually is in your goal then it isn’t specific enough. Good goals are easily measured. While we want to “Be healthier” it isn’t very clear what HEALTHY is for you. Be more clear (and see my next post on the EASY route to health)! A better goal would be “I want to have 3 servings of fruit and vegetables each day”.See My Mama Journey’s post on “A New Chapter Begins Now… Welcome 2015
  2. Set measurable goals. For example, “Get more sleep” isn’t very clear or specific. However, “Go to bed at 10 pm” OR “Get 8 hours of sleep a night” is much more clear and attainable.
  3. Set goals that have time points. Often people set goals that are too vague “I want to eat healthier”. Goals are more easily reached if there are time-points built in that help you keep track of your success. A better goal would be “I want to bring a healthy snack to work 4x a week”.
  4. Keep them attainable. When we get excited about making change in our lives we often strive too high. It is best to set small reachable goals. Once you have incorporated those goals into your life and sustain them, THEN you can start to build upon them. Yes, running a marathon this year is a great goal but if you’re not already a long-distance runner, then you’re better of setting the short-term goal of “I want to starting to run 3 times a week for 20 minutes”. Later on this can build up to multiple runs a week of 1 hour.

Remember- making changes and setting goals can be challenging- but usually only because we do too much too quick. Research shows that if you set yourself up for success by setting appropriate goals you’ll be working your way up the health ladder in no time. And if you slip- no problem- we all do. Just get back on and try again and you’ll be one step closer to where you want to be.

So, what about that E-A-S-Y part? Stay tuned for Post 2 on how to make EASY healthy lifestyle changes

My Driving Force?



So many have asked what the driving force is behind me wanting to join the world of mommy bloggers and fit mom enthusiasts (soon to be certified professional).  There is one simple answer, that may not make sense to everyone but for me means the most “my daughter”.

There isn’t a real big difference between what I am doing and what those other like minded moms are offering. But what’s important to me is her…

I want to be a role model to my daughter, a mama who teaches her children the importance of a healthy mind and body. An everyday mama that leads by example not only a daily basis but in terms of following her dream (ok ok… can we even say this anymore as adults?!).

My parents encouraged active play, provided us amble opportunities to try our hand at all sorts of  physical activities, whether we were strong in the sport or not was irrelevant. Their support is the foundation for pursing my passion in the area of health and fitness (on the side). Looking back, this has taught me so much over the years. Having a strong foundation (early on) is incredibly important and has helped to build up my confidence, pushed me to try new things and really is the reason for me taking my love for fitness to a whole new level.

I can’t count how many times that I would sit on my mom’s feet while she did 100’s of crutches or the numerous family cross country ski adventures along the local trans-Canada trails. Even over the holidays, my brother and I tried a cross fit challenge (he schooled me I might add); and my sister continues to try her hand at various fitness classes or floor hockey. These are lasting memories (family time) and ones that have really helped me realize early on the importance of living an active life.


Like most mommy blogs you read, we all start off by saying the same thing — which I believe is true and real in terms of how we want to explain our passions, none of us would have imagined we would be here today, I certainly did not. Blogging and fitness training never crossed my mind throughout my many years of education and work. This is new, but make sense — I love to be fit and I love writing (although it has been a long time since I tapped into my creative side!).



Remember those cheesy ParticipAction ads back in the 90’s? Boy doesn’t ones views change as you get older and you re-prioritize your values and what is important in life. Further, what sort of messages you want your kids to take away from your actions. The purpose of those ads were very much about getting individuals to live more active lives (something our Parents lived up too), sadly in today’s world we are all hooked to our phones and computers (I am just as guilty).

Very few kids want to go outside and enjoy the playground, play a board game or read. I must admit, even now I am constantly glued to my screen (although we have implemented a rule in our house no technology until our daughter goes to sleep). We have noticed its impact even on her, shows like Elmo (see my earlier post Dear Elmo can we talk?) over stimulate and make it difficult for kids to refocus afterwards on quiet activities like reading together as a family. My parents recognized early on the importance of such activities and we appreciate their choices so much more now.

So maybe the answer after all is not so simple, but to me what I hope to show my daughter is the importance of being healthy, active and having a strong role model in your life.



Emy and I cross-country skiing


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