Stay on Track Over the Holidays

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Calling all fitness and health friends,

With the Holiday Season just around the corner and the seasonal parties, drinks and food, I want to help you stay on track and feel like you can live a little. Spoil yourself with one of those Christmas cocktails or splurge by eating a candy cane or two. I have a great program just for you! 12 days of FITMAS will combine cardio, strength and tabata, leaving you sweating and your heart  pumping.

But what’s great about this program? The workouts are only 20-30 minutes. That means two hard days with a  day of rest in between! We start on Dec 6 and go until Dec 18!  

Message below for details on rates and the program.

Allow yourself to be more. 


Holiday Sweat Challenge #HolidaySweat


As the weather gets colder this time of year, I find myself looking for something that will help to keep me inspired and motivated to stray on track with my health and fitness journey. It’s funny isn’t it, how someone who likes to inspire others to make lifestyle changes also needs a bit of motivation?

So for the next 8 weeks I will be participating in the #HolidaySweat Challenge.


What’s that? As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I am part of this cool community of like-minded health and fitness enthusiasts (many of us are professionals), who like to support each other on our individual journeys and to participate in all sorts of challenges to keep us on our toes and motivated. This usually includes social media challenges of all kinds with daily prompts.

As part of my challenge this week, I want to share with you the goal of how many minutes I plan to spend over the next 8 weeks I plan to get #sweaty and how I will accomplish my goal!

My goal for the #HolidaySweat Challenge is to reach or surpass my goal of 3540 minutes (that’s 59 hours!!).


Here’s how I know I can accomplish this goal:

  • I LOVE a challenge, it’s my competitive nature.
  • I teach 2-3 group strength classes a week.
  • Everyday, I commute to work by either running or walking.
  • As a mom, I am constantly chasing my daughter at the playground, park or street.
  • We go for family walks on the weekend to parks or to the market.
  • Finally, because of my fun little side business … I get to film demo videos of exercise which sometimes has me retaking the video several times (this counts right?)

Lets get #Sweaty!