Simple Summer Salads

So folks, who doesn’t love a delicious salad?


I have shared this before but I struggle with cooking and preparing meals in the summer. Something about standing over a hot stove really gets to me. I much rather have my husband fire up the BBQ and keep our sides super simple, but delicious.

What’s better than a simple green salad mix (fresh from a local farm – Rochon Gardens, Ottawa) mixed with dill (yes, DILL! AMAZING), fresh vegetables, a little quinoa and a homemade salad dressing.  Eating healthy doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive or hard. Next time you are scratching your head for a delicious side, keep it simple.

Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.


Last week I shared a snapshot of our 3rd Rochon Garden CSA basket. Starting next week, I will not only share a photo of the fresh ingredients we are given, but I will share a detailed post of how we use each one. Not only does this help to inspire your meal ideas, but it keeps me on track.

Community Shared Agriculture Program #shoplocal @RochonGardens

My husband and I gave up on trying to nurture and grow an abundant garden last year. We were overwhelmed and feeling slightly defeated by the community of squirrels and raccoons (oh and the LARGE gopher that lives in our small garden).

We always managed to grow a small balcony garden when we lived on the 8th floor of a local apartment building. Every summer we enjoyed an abundance of mixed herbs, and a few small Lebanese cucumbers. And when we moved into our new home, we were thrilled about the possibility of growing a bigger garden! We bought all of the “gear”, chicken wire, tomato cages, bone meal … you name it, we bought it.

The moment we moved in I ran to the local market and purchased many different types of seedlings, beans, tomatoes, herbs of all kinds, beats, rhubarb and the list goes on. I almost immediately planted them and impatiently waited for the seedlings to grow. Each morning I would go and check out my plants with as much excitement as a child waiting for Santa Claus.

And one by one, my plants fell victim to the neighbourhood animals. At first I didn’t know what was happening. The tops of the plants were perfectly chopped off, leaves of plants would go missing and pots would be knocked over (and — tomatoes would be left half eaten). It was only after I several times of replacing the seedlings and buying different environmentally friendly products did we decide enough was enough. I think the real icing on the cake was when my cousin and I saw the most massive gopher emerge from under the tomato plants we had placed along the back fence.

We started looking for alternative solutions.Ways to make us feel like we were eating locally grown, fresh produce. Someone told us about the CSA Baskets, and after much research we decided to try it bi-weekly at first.


Property of Rochon Gardens

After picking up two very abundant baskets from Rochon Gardens, a local Ottawa family vegetable farm with some of the highest quality produce, we switched to weekly and even threw in eggs.

I recommend you check it out!

What is a Community Shared Agriculture Program? For more information on Rochon Garden’s baskets
click here


Property of Rochon Gardens

“Community Shared Agriculture is the coming together of the consumer, the farmer and the land in order to support and grow sustainable agriculture in the local community. To participate in a CSA, a consumer pledges their support to a farm operation by purchasing a farm share. This share allows the consumer the opportunity to actively participate in the growth of local farming and in return they receive a weekly box of fresh produce directly from the farmer’s land.” (Rochon Gardens)