A Letter To You – Mom!

Dear Mom,

Happy Mothers Day!


This letter celebrates you.

Throughout my childhood, you have always been an amazing role model for Bri and I (& B). In fact, strong women run deep in our family (very much a part of our genetics!). So it isn’t surprising that you are the strong woman, who I look up to and admire. We grew up watching our mom pursue a long teaching career, take adventures (and share about your memories from your childhood), and with the help of dad, raise 3 children.

I think what’s important about my childhood memories is really the fact that you were a mother who never once gave us the impression that you weren’t there, that you were tired or feeling frustrated. How many days/evenings were spent driving the three of us to all of our activities, while always ensuring a home cooked meal was ready to go?
How many times, even now, when we are all home that you are the first one up (breakfast ready) and the last one turning off the lights at night, even when we stayed up half the night chatting?

It’s funny, until I became a mother I never really thought about how important it was to be a role model. Or, how your everyday actions as a mother are always being watched and copied by this little person, who even if you don’t realize it sees you as their role model, their best example.

When I think about you as my mom and as the primary example of a strong role model in my life (and even my daughters) what flashes before my eyes are memories of you always managing to balance work and life. Never wavering, and always strong as a rock.  You (&Dad) always by our sides – our biggest cheerleaders and the people who at times kept us in check (even if at times you may not have always felt that way).

You taught me so much.

You taught me to be strong, stay true to my values and to always allow my voice to be heard. You have read endless letters from me, listened to endless conversations and caught 100’s of tears of the years. Today, I want to thank you for teaching me that while life is not always how you expect and when the world isn’t always the place you dreamt it would be, keep looking for the positive side and keep your faith and hope alive.

I love you Mom!



And looking forward to our late night chats and walks in the market soon.


#EverydayMom: #ToddlerTransitions

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Over the last last two weeks I have been home with my daughter as she transitions between childcare situations.


During our first week, our days were busy but at times relaxing. We painted and read books, shared breakfast and played games of “chase” all before 9:30am. We also took long walks (and on the colder days visits to the mall), played in the local park, baked special treats like macaroons and muffins and visited local pools and play areas.


During our second week together, we started the transition to daycare.  The centre’s policy is  that a parent stay with the child for two half days to help integrate them into the program and allow them time to adjust to the new environment.

The second day, they ask the parent to leave and come back after an hour. So what did I do? Where did I go? I wandered aimlessly around the mall, stopped for a coffee and a muffin and waited for the hour to be up.


I should have enjoyed the moment, but all I could think about was — I wonder what she is doing? How is she doing? Is she playing nicely? Is she crying? 

OVERALL Thoughts?  

Cue drum roll please!

We loved it! From the time we arrived. We are super excited for a number of reasons – location, experience and just feedback from our friends and co-workers on the facility who have children there now and/or in the past. They made our little family so welcome from the moment we entered and really put our mind at peace during these initial days. We are expecting a few ups and downs, totally normal with daycare transition, but it isn’t anything we can’t handle!

Where you live, how hard is it to make childcare arrangements?

Here, in our city (not entirely clear on other parts of the country although I hear similar stories) finding childcare is one of the most difficult choices a new parent “to be” must face very very early on — I mean as early as finding out you are pregnant.

In September 2012, I found out I was pregnant and in October 2012, I added my unborn child to the centralized waiting list. Spots for under 12 months are limited and hard to get.

Thankfully, going back to work and finding an appropriate childcare provider did not end up being a huge concern for us, since we decided pretty early on to share a caregiver with our friends. BUT, can you believe that after two and a half years we were finally called that a spot was available for our little one.

Two and a half years later ….. 


But here we are today, and our first week of the daycare transition is coming to an end.

How’d it go?

She was excited! We were excited! It was great!


Well four days in and things seem to be going okay. A few “small hiccups” and crying moments, but when we pick her up after work she is as happy as can be. I found it difficult to pack up some of her items for her cubby hole.