I never would have believed it …

Until last night, I thought we had discovered the most delicious chicken recipe
(toasted quinoa!), but I was wrong!

Who would have thought that homemade chicken breast strips, gently crusted in almond flour and seasoning could taste just like chicken fingers?

Seriously people, try it now!


The subtle taste of almonds, with fresh herbs and spices give you a fresh and “clean” approach to those delicious strips we all love.

It kind of feels like a cheat meal! But you aren’t left with a bloated and sick feeling.


We paired our meal with a light quinoa salad, with homemade lemon/garlic salad dressing. Delish! My husband claims that it was the best salad!

(I question this, but I’ll take it as a good sign).

Here are the simple steps to a delicious family meal (toddler friendly!):

1. Marinate your chicken (recommended overnight!), on the serving day take a ziploc bag and put about 1 1/2 cup of almond meal/flour, fresh parsley, black pepper, salt and chilli flakes (really whatever seasoning you prefer!).

2. Do the “shake and bake” method and then place chicken breast on baking tray (I always place parchment paper underneath) and bake for 35 mins. At 20 mins, check chicken and flip it to ensure it becomes crispy.

3. While the chicken is baking, cook your quinoa (follow instructions on label). We like the mixed quinoa. Chop up carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cooriander and red onion. Mix the quinoa with the fresh veggies, and toss it together with the homemade lemon salad dressing.

4. Viola! Ready to serve. Your family will love this! Simple, quick and delicious.

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Please click! A visit a day boosts my blog ranking at Top Mommy Blogs – The Best Mommy Blog Directory Ever!

Don’t forget to follow my meal planning tips from last week! This helps us stay on track, and prepare for weekly dinners and lunches. This is what we have on the menu this week – 2 hours of meal prep on Sunday morning left us with a nice variety of dishes.