Setting Goals For March

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By: Brittany

Many of those in my blogging network set monthly health and fitness goals. These goals are often specific and realistic (more on this idea here!)For example: read X motivational books, run X kilometres over the course of the month or enhance social media presence.

For me, I think setting goals are useful in helping to map out a plan of action for the month and to stay accountable on your fitness journey. From what I have read, when people set specific targeted goals they are more likely to achieve them (personally, it’s the PURE satisfaction of being able to strike the “goal” off my monthly To Do list.

So here are my 5 goals for March (a few you already may be aware of): 

  1. Finish the book chosen by my online running book club
    (review to be posted March 15)
  2. Complete the in class portion of my Group Fitness Instructor Certification
    (March 21-22)
  3. With warmer weather, restart running to/from work (related, start laying out my plan for my first 1/2 marathon!)
  4. Unplug from technology more on the weekends
  5. Plan one “family” activity every weekend (this could be going to skating rink, cross-country skiing, children’s museums, winter market …. endless opportunities).

Some of you may think these goals are not adventures or challenging. But I do not see it like that at all. Completion of the in class aspect of my certification alone just means more practical “hands-on” learning (and ACTUALLY teaching classes!).

This means that I have some pretty big goals to achieve before May 2, if I want to continue to become certified in pre/post natal fitness. So they may seem light this month, this is only the beginning.

1 week out!

Did you check out my previous post about balancing healthy lifestyles with training, while travelling?

If not, do it! CLICK HERE. Even if you don’t travel the YouTube Circuit provided by Keridon Lifestyle Coach can be done while watching TV, commercials or if you have 10-20-30 minutes to spare.


As for my weekly updates, I have nothing really special to share, other than the fact that I will provide full disclosure that I enjoyed my typical treats while travelling in Switzerland (fondue and fresh bagette, McDonalds – yes that’s right, it taste better here! I NEVER eat it at home, Crepes, to name a few).

But how did I balance these cheats? I walked everywhere, most days I think we walked close to 10kms up and down and all around. The beauty of being in a city that is built around people walking and commuting by bicycle.  I also visited the hotel gym a few times to maintain the great work  I have been doing with my trainer.  I am just sorry I didn’t pack some outdoor running gear to enjoy a beautiful 12 degrees jog around the Lake.

How did I score this week? Not a perfect 10, but I worked hard, made smart decisions about food choices (for the most part) and pushed forward with my work outs! What more could a girl ask for?


BIG NEWS — 1 week away from the start of my Group Fitness Training! Basic Theory here I come!!