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So here I am spending the day with 2 “almost” two-year olds …

What’s a girl going to do? 

Entertaining two (independent) little girls can be a challenging task (Hats off to all the caregivers, grandparents and moms/dads who do this on a daily basis).


Who needs to work out on a day where you are chasing two toddlers around the house, climbing play structures covered in snow and dredging through two feet of snow to reach the swing set that two sweet little girls insist they need to try to complete their playground experience for the day.

I was thankful for being able to be home today to care for them, and to be able to also enjoy the beautiful sunny spring day! We took advantage for sure. A nice long walk around the local market and the nearby park. For some, such a busy day with these two little toddlers would be hard to swallow, but for me I enjoyed every moment of it.

Here are some tips and tricks that helped me today:


1. Prepare breakfast the night before (We always prepare my LO’s oatmeal and scones the night before. She loves her oatmeal ready the moment her feet hit the ground running).

2. Have a plan. On a nice sunny spring day, two toddlers certainly don’t want to be stuck inside. They want to be walking and running, playing and climbing. That’s exactly what the three of us did!


3. Take them on an adventure. They have no idea that walking in the market isn’t terribly exciting this time of year. But they don’t know that! They love watching all the new faces and dogs walking by. They love the fresh air and the luxury stroller ride.

3. Today proved to us why weekly meal planning is key! Thanks to having prepared our meals on Sunday I was able to easily pull out a prepared delicious home cooked meal.

4. Today proved to us why weekly meal planning is key! Thanks to having prepared our meals on Sunday I was able to easily pull out a prepared delicious home cooked meal.

wpid-img_20150311_195522.jpg 5. Not going to lie, but nap time could have been a challenge. Thankfully our wonderful caregiver arrived just in time to help with that step ! It could have easily been a disaster because for my little one she loves to snuggle with either her papa or me …

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