Training Fuel #SweatPink #ShareYourStory


I am thrilled to be sharing my story as part of SweatPink Ambassador blogger pro initiative launched by Fit Approach and Sweatguru.

The theme this week is training fuel and boy what an important topic! Nourishing and replenishing your body at all stages of training, no matter the activity is important.

So let me share My Story!

1. How do you fuel before, during, and post work outs?

For me, I like to keep it as natural as possible which means I rely on foods such as eggs, fruits and veggies, nuts, legumes and other goodies to prepare for a big race or to replenish what I lost post race, work out or just if I am out for a stroller walk.


We love our Community Shared Agricultural basket! It’s what keeps us on track.


Garden fresh salad, and eggs straight from the farmer.









On a daily basis, my family and I meal plan to ensure that we eat right all week long. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments where on a Friday night or after a really busy workday we do take out.

We are human! And “living a little” helps us stay focused in the longer run. Eating right is one of many important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the two go hand in hand. We also want our little one to learn how to eat properly and healthily.


A fellow blogger, as part of a recent Canadian Fit Gear Exchange shared with me her favourites for refueling during a long run. I look forward to giving these a try as I really add “Kms” to my half marathon training.

2. How do you rehydrate? 

So… While I was in maternity leave I got into the habit of always carrying a water bottle with me and at times I would drink anywhere between 4-5L of water a day! A large part of this was because of nursing and the need to always keep my body hydrated.

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Once I returned to running, I started carrying my Nike water belt which allows for four small bottles of water. I find that I need to drink a lot of water in order to have my whole system working to its max!

For years I also tried sports drinks or additives to my water to boost my electrolytes but could never really get into it. I am not a juice drinker so I always found it made the water too sweet.

As I start my half marathon training, I am beginning to see the importance of finding the right balance and need for furling properly.

Thanks for stopping by!

I’d love to hear about how you refuel, and perhaps you learned a little bit from me. 


Running Update: Post ORW @ottawamarathon


Who says you can’t wear running shoes, even when you are taking a break?

Some of you have been asking if I have started running again. And the short answer is “No”. There are a number of reasons why and I would love to share these with you.


  1. After the Ottawa Race Weekend, it took me at least 2 weeks to reduce the swelling under my left knee cap, and this was mostly due to Chiro and my own massaging. Of course, icing and heat too. I attempted a short run a week (approximately 6+) after the race and ended up having to walk most of the way home to avoid a repeat of the swelling. I even bought a foam roller which by the way why did I wait so long!
  2. I am trying to rest my knees because soon enough (mid June or so – post vacation) I will begin my ½ marathon training for my race in September. I need to be strong, and able to train safely for that race, without worry of a serious injury. It will take a huge toll physically because I am pushing myself beyond my comfortable 10km -12km distance to something much greater.
  3. I am nearly complete my apprenticeship hours for my group instructor training and I have been focusing a lot more on strength training and learning proper techniques and cues so that I can be an effective teacher. The YMCA Apprenticeship program has certainly proved useful, and the instructor who is teaching the course is fun and lively, and really helps make you feel even more passionate about giving back to your community and doing something that is fun. I can’t wait to be able to start helping others on their healthy journey.

So there you have it friends, my three reasons for why you haven’t been noticing any running updates. But trust me, they are coming! I plan to run a lot while I am on vacation and who knows, maybe sign up for a last minute 5km – 10km race at my destination. The search is on now!