Butler Boots Trial Coming Soon

Growing up in Canada we always had to be prepared for whatever weather Mother Nature would tease us with, including the rain (yes rain! sometimes even in the winter time!!)

So as a kid I remember having rain boots, but not ones as colourful or stylish as those of
Butler Boots. When they approached me to try a pair of these boots for my daughter, I immediately said YES!

When it rains here , it literally pours. Puddles are sometimes so deep that your average boot won’t work. And our little one of course loves to go outside for walks in the rain and to jump in all the puddles in the neighbourhood. I think these boots, in Sunshine Yellow will be just perfect for that!


Butler Boot pile pic

The company is sending me the style shown above! It’s called Emperor Supreme, a traditional boot with a liner for easy cleaning. I can’t wait for my little one to give these a try and to share with you my first impressions. Coming soon! 



Tricks to Keep Track of Your Toddler “Things”

Okay so you all know how important it is for me to be organized! So, I was thrilled when StickerKid reached out to me to try one of their products (my choice!) (and to be an affiliate).

As a born organizer, I selected their medium size labels. How sweet are these labels?

Who doesn’t like to label their belongings, not only are they great for keeping track of those busy little toddler’s things but stylish and can be reflective of your child’s interest. Some of their products even allow you to include a photo of your child!

My daughter loves the personal touch, a small pony to represent one of her favourite animals.

So once I received them I immediately began sticking them on water bottles and my little one’s scooter.

For safety reasons, if you are placing them on your children’s bicycles or scooters, place the sticker discreetly. I believe that this is an important, common sense point to keep in mind. 
The stickers are waterproof and durable! We only wash our daughter’s bottles and cups, and sometimes even some of her toys in the dishwasher and I can honestly say – these stickers stayed exactly how I placed them. They didn’t even fade. And bonus – the little ones CANNOT pick them off! (Oh and didn’t my little one try). 
The labels can be placed just about anywhere, water bottles, scooters, lunch boxes, toys, really any smooth surface. (Keep in mind that for labels for clothing you have to order these ones).

I only followed a few simple instructions:

1.       Place the label only on clean and dry surfaces.

2.        Make sure that the label is well placed, avoiding any air bubbles between the sticker and the object. If air bubbles appear, push them out to the exterior of the sides with your thumb.

3.       Avoid fixing them over a sharp angle, on surfaces that are too grainy or porous or on surfaces marked with felt tip pen or other indelible inks.

4.       Wait 24 hours (although I felt that the adhesive was effective after a few hours) before you place the labeled item in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer for the first time. (Be prepared that your little one will try to remove this “new sticker”.)

How simple is that?

Take a look at StickerKid’s website. It’s worth a scroll.  They have a high level of professionalism and customer service; and the labels arrived quickly without any issue. FOR COOL designs and more information on how to order your own labels click here.


StickerKid specializes in making beautiful, colorful, dishwasher safe, 100% customizable name labels including their unique http://www.stickerkid.com/usa_en/20-square-labels-with-your-own-picture.html  for children’s clothes and belongings so parents and teachers can keep track of all those little things easier. The labels and iron-on labels are made with love and care here in the USA and are incredibly durable (they will withstand at least 45 washings at 140°F degrees and the labels are dishwasher safe.