#Motherhood Series: Child Of 30

Child OfI am launching a bi-weekly Monday #Motherhood series. A time for us to share our stories, challenges and desires as we experience the journey of motherhood. For the launch of this series, I have the real pleasure to welcome to My Mama Journey a long time childhood friend of mine, Caffeinated Canuck.

Welcome Sarah, and thanks for sharing your story.

I am 30.

To some that doesn’t mean a lot. 30 seems young or old to other people depending on which side of the age they’re on.

To me, it’s the birthday milestone I’ve had the most trouble coming to grips with thus far. It is the age I can remember my parents at when I first thought they were “grown ups” and old (sorry Mom!).  So when I turned 30 I had a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around some things. Thoughts of mortality and my youth slipping away made me a bit morose, to be honest.

It was all very dramatic and broody.

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?

Just to grow up and then move on to the next unseen plane?

(Yes, I’ve always tended toward a bit of dramatics, thanks for asking.)

I came to the conclusion, that no matter what our age, we are all children. Still learning and growing and discovering. Not just things in life but also in the constant re-invention of ourselves.

The first decade of our lives was spent primarily learning. How to talk, walk, and become more independent. We started school and learned to read. We learned about sharing and hopscotch and all the little games kids play. We were in every essence, children.

The next was spent perfecting our preteen eye roll and again, learning. We had a bit more freedom and dabbled in self-expression and decided on what we wanted to be when we “grew up”. We strived so hard to be grown that it only proved our naiveté.  When you’re actually an adult you realize there is no way to be independent if someone is still providing you with everything you need. No matter how angst-y you are or how many times you protest “I’m not a CHILD, Mother!” (in a certain tone that proves that you are in fact very much still a child) it doesn’t count for experience.

The 20-30 age is, yet again, a learning experience. We’re finally on our own. Maybe in school or working or both. It’s a lot of self-discovery. Again…we think we’re grown.

But 30? 30 is when you start to think something is wrong with you because you can finally admit that you still don’t feel like an adult. You wonder if your friends and peers have it all together because you certainly don’t. You might ask yourself if you’re “childish” as if that’s a bad thing.
I don’t think it is. Every stage of our lives thus far has had one common theme.


To read

To write.

To share.

Learning about ourselves.

Learning and childishness go hand in hand. We’re curious, wondrous, and easily delighted in a childish state. I think that part of our childhood stays with us and allows us to put aside the day to day drudgery and still be interested in and learn new things. To find joy in the unexpected and the planned.

I choose to believe that every age teaches us something about ourselves and is a chance to reinvent the parts that we find lacking. I’m hoping my 30’s will be the reinvention of body for me. I’ve got the “who I am” thing down pat for now so I’m hoping that I can get the vessel in shape enough to carry me through the rest of my learning years.

Right now I get to experience true childhood again through my children. I have an excuse to Trick-or-Treating. A reason to make crafts. Someone to show those childish games to. I can dance wildly in the kitchen without looks of reproach. I can do anything because they are young and I am invincible to them.

I’m hoping for more personal time in my 40’s where I can start learning what I want to be when the kids are grown.

More freedom in my 50’s to travel and learn and immerse myself in other places and cultures.

You see the trend here.

Always learning, always evolving, always with a goal.

That’s childish.

That’s growing.

And that…is life.

Sarah is the homeschooling, free spirited Mom to 2 girls E & P. This proud Canadian & lover of coffee, whiskey and tie dye can be found writing caffeine fueled musings at her blog, fullycaffeinatedcanadianmom.wordpress.com or posting memes and other nonsense on Facebook at facebook.com/caffeinatedcanuk

A Fit Mom’s Guide to Surviving HALLOWEEN #wellnesswednesday



I am thrilled to have a guest post this week from my friend and one of four ladies who help to launch the local Sweat Pink Ontario and Montreal Chapter, Jennifer Florence (known as Montreal Runner Mom).  She is here to share her tips and tricks for surviving Halloween as a Fit Mom (and Fit Family).  


Over to you Jennifer …

Here it is once again…that beautiful time of year when it’s so easy to throw away all your clean eating habits and go tumbling down the path of Cheetos, Swedish Berries and Caramilk bars. Ahhh… yes, it’s Halloweenmania.

Now, I like to think of myself as a Fit Mom. In my personal life, I run, dance, practice yoga and lift weights. Professionally, I am a health & fitness coach and dance teacher. Clean eating is a huge part of who I am and my family’s lifestyle. I mostly eat a combination of a vegetarian diet with just the occasional meat dish on special occasions. However when October hits, all and I do mean all (!) my bad eating habits tend to emerge! Before I became health conscious I was a big time candy and chip girl. Chocolate was never my thing but offer me a bag of Lays BBQ chips or Skittles and I could inhale them in seconds. During Halloweenmania, try as you might you simply cannot avoid temptation entirely. The aisles of every store everywhere are FILLED to the brim with ooey gooey deliciousness.

So what’s a Fit Mom to do? Well, here are some techniques that have worked for me and hopefully for you too!

Be prepared

I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT shop when hungry, irritable, cranky, upset, frustrated or God forbid when you are PMS’ing. Avoid stores at all costs during these moments. When you do venture out of the house, mentally prepare for what you are about to encounter. I always find that a strong mental picture helps. I start by imaging of myself scarfing down a huge bag of candy..that’s the good part 😉 Then I picture in my mind and “feel” in my body the results of the inevitable pain of regret and the stomach issues that follow such a huge spike in blood sugar levels. This highly scientific technique is usually pretty good at keeping my cravings under control.

Healthy “Candy”

This is what I like to think of a “backup”. When being prepared doesn’t cut it, have some “healthy candy” in your purse to help keep the junk out of your cart. Things like dried fruit and nuts have always worked well for me. Especially those dried pineapple pieces out of the average trail mix bag. Mmmmmmm……..These options may not things that you want to consume too much of either on a regular basis but they are a darn sight better than Aero bars, Fuzzy Peaches and Rocket Candy!

Small Packages

Well, good things come in small packages as the saying goes! If you do cave and buy some naughty treats then at the very least don’t buy the JUMBO size Oh Henry bars. No one in their right mind needs that much sugar. Even if it tastes good for the first 2 or 3 bites, guaranteed by the end you will be holding your cramping stomach and spending the rest of the day in the washroom. Stick to small, preschool size packages. Then aim to give most of it away to your neighborhood preschoolers (not your own children of course, no parent wants to subject themselves to that chaos!)

Hide and Seek

Whatever candy does make it home and into your house MUST be properly stored. Think of storage like a squirrel in hibernation mode. Squirrel away little bits in multiple places until you are so confused about where you started that you can’t find anything at all. Areas like very high cupboards, drawers that always stick and basement storage where you keep Christmas decorations are all good starting places. The kind of places that are easy to find the first time but even easier to forget about 5 seconds later.

These techniques have worked well for me but they are not fool proof. Just accept it, you will eat some candy. And all joking aside, the trick is to enjoy the small amount that you do eat and keep it within reason so that you don’t ruin all the hard work you’ve put in during the previous weeks & months.

So enjoy the season with your little ghosts and goblins and remember these Fit Mom techniques to surviving and thriving during Halloween. Good luck out there Moms! May the force be with you!

Disclaimer: The author of this article cannot be held responsible for any candy induced weight gain that the reader may incur during Halloweenmania.

Jennifer Florence, Runner, entrepreneur & personal development junkie. Inspiring fitness, health & well-being for busy moms everywhere!