An Every Day Fitness Enthusiast #truththursday

I am thrilled to have on the blog a close family friend, Sarah. She is a health and fitness enthusiast, who likes to share her personal health journey. Welcome Sarah … 


As someone who works in the healthcare industry, I get a healthy dose of statistics of various diseases, the comorbidities associated with many of them and the quality of life people lead after being diagnosed. This makes me highly sensitized to the lifestyle choices we make and the short and long term impact of those choices on our bodies and also on those around us.

Fitness and healthy lifestyles are consistent refrains I hear whenever I listen to experts discussing a disease. For example, I recently read an article that breast cancer risks increase with obesity and alcoholism. Similarly we all know that stress brings about a plethora of issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. I have personally seen the complications of these diseases in family members and the tangible and often negative impact not only on those who are suffering but on those around them too. I’ve also seen the positive effect of a simple walk or a bike ride in the neighbourhood on relieving stress levels and the desire to make healthier choices.

Making fitness a priority isn’t just about fitting in a workout in a day, it’s really about making the conscious decision to manage our lives better and to make overall better choices in other areas of our lives. I’ve noticed when I make fitness a priority (and I don’t always do, despite knowing better), I’m happier, I feel in control of my life, I feel ready to take on the challenges of work and fulfil the commitments to my family, and mostly, I feel empowered that I can really do anything I want.

Our bodies are brilliant, unbelievably resilient machines with the capability of fighting relentlessly for us, but like any machine, it needs to be well-oiled and carefully maintained so it continues to function and serve us well. I owe it to those who care for me, those who depend on me, and lastly to myself, to be the absolute best that I can be.

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Fall Into Fit Gear Exchange

Fall into FitGear Exchange

Are you interested in a Fall Into Fit Gear Exchange?

Blogging friends, who doesn’t like to connect with like minded individuals who share a passion for living healthy and fit. I love receiving snail mail, including surprise package. What could be more fun than sharing some of your favourite goodies with fellow fit Canadians, while also receiving something new to try?

Interested in participating? Here’s how it works:

1.  Fill out this form to participate.  You’ll need to fill it out by Monday, September 14.

2.  Look for an email from me by September 17 with the name of the individual who you will reaching out too and the rules of the swap.  It will also be fun if we commit to following all the participants so as part of this initial email I will include participants usernames for the various social media platforms.

3.  Email your partner by September 21.  This is the person who you’ll send “gear” to (remember this could include a sport shirt, headband, water bottle, you name it).  Get to know them a little! Introduce yourself.

4. Don’t forget to send a little group love! Tweet, Instagram, Facebook message not only your partner but @mymamajourney and some of the others included in the email you receive.

5.  We are changing the rules this time! Thinking sharing a favourite book or work out DVD (could be recycled), 1-2 fav recipe(s) handwritten and a surprise item, something that represents you and where you live (what motivates you about your hometown or place of residence).  The value of the goodies  should be approx. $40 (don’t forget shipping costs will likely be $10).

6.  Ship package so that your partner receives their items by October 8th so that collectively we can post on Wednesday October 14!

7.  If you’re a blogger, please write your Fall Into Fit Gear Exchange post to go live on
October 14.  I’ll aim to have a link-up on my site just prior to this date.  Lets work together, and if you do not have a blog don’t worry! You are welcome to email to share your post by September 30.

8.  During the month, and when you promote your post on social media, please use
#Fall Into Fit Gear Exchange (and the badge provided!)

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