Rain … Rain … Come Again!

A great pair of rain boots can make anyone want to run and jump in puddles. That’s just how my little one feels now with her shiny sunshine yellow Emperor Supreme Butler Boots.  Butler recently reached out to me about whether I would be interested in  trying their boots for my 2.5 year old daughter. As a lady who loves her boots, I of course jumped at the opportunity.


When my daughter opened the box she was thrilled by the bright color and the design of the boot overall.  The boots provided my daughter with a little extra independence because she was quickly able to put them on  and take them off all by herself (a big feat for a little girl!). It took a few tries to teach her that the velcro goes on the outside, and overtime she would put the boots on and I would sing “buckles on the outside ….  buckles on the outside…. ” while dancing around. She was all giggles and now we sing that little rhyme for all sorts of things.

I tried to explain that we would have to wait for a rainy day before really giving them a try, but she insisted that she wear them inside.

For once we were looking forward to a real rainy day, but with those Canadian summers we had to wait a few weeks. And as soon as the sky started to spit, we were out the door on a mission to find puddles.


I think the video says it all! Those boots contributed to a fun Sunday afternoon. And frankly, given the bright colors available and the lightweight design I cannot imagine buying any other brand. The bright colors are also useful as it starts to become darker sooner these days, really provides a sense of comfort and security when we are out in the evenings.

My little one also received several compliments on how unique the style was, as well as how practical the insulated insert is given our climate. We can see her enjoying many late fall evenings and first snow falls with these boots.

Butler lime green picThese children’s boots offer so much:

– Versatility (it can be placed over your child’s shoe if required)
– Water proofed and insulated
– High quality boot structure and materials
– Breathability and comfort
– MACHINE WASHABLE (Mama’s you know what I am saying)
– and so much more …. check it out here

To learn more about Butler and where you can buy your own pair of cute boots,
check them out on their website.  *All views are my own*


#TastyTuesday Thanksgiving Treats Wrap Up

What a weekend of eating and treating! I couldn’t be more excited to hit the gym at lunch today to help get myself back on track. I really tried not to feel guilty for all my weekend cheats and frankly, the weekend was far more relaxing as a result.

While I am bubbling with excitement to share with you some of my favourite creations, I also avoided working over the weekend to spend time with the two people who I am most thankful for in my life (my husband and my sweet pea!).


We spent a wonderful weekend, enjoying above average temperatures exploring local pumpkin patches, swimming and local parks and visiting with family and friends. Unfortunately, neither of us have our immediate families in the city so we celebrated and gave thanks in spirit.

So here it is friends, a wrap up of our weekend.

A taste of how the H-family spent Thanksgiving 2015.


A glimpse of our successful trip to the local Pumpkin Patch. An afternoon spent running through Hay Stacks, playing in corn fields and picking pumpkins for Halloween.


Beautiful sunny day! Enjoying the GG’s property.


Fall leaves, and watching my two loves playing ball!

On Saturday evening, we hosted a few of our friends for a delicious paleo inspired dinner. While it was not 100%, I feel like we were able to enjoy a “healthier” dinner, which was focused on foods that help to fuel and energize our bodies.


Lots of dark greens, leafy vegetables and delicious stuffed chicken breasts. We started the evening with a delicious potato leek soup, with sweet potato, new potatoes and coconut milk. It was creamy and delicious!

I am sorry, it turned out so good that I forgot to take a picture of the final product!

The next course was a delicious kale and beet salad, with homemade citrus salad dressing. The dressing itself was light, but with the dash of cayenne I added it was enough to pack a bit of punch.


All salad ingredients were sourced locally, and from one of our favourite farms – Rochon Gardens. Our CSA basket has certainly treated us well this year. Keeping us on track with our eating and providing high quality ingredients for our family meals.

The meal itself was a combination of brussels sprouts sautéed with cranberries and bacon, with a slight hint of cranberries. I also prepared local carrots and cauliflower rice, given how heavy the stuffed chicken breast (with homemade wine sauce) was going to be, I figured there was no harm in changing up those traditional sides.


Fresh ingredients for the chicken stuffing, which included homemade sun dried tomato pesto.


Steaming my cauliflower, once this was done I sautéed it up with fresh onions and garlic.


Stuffed chickens just as we were going to back them.


Delicious, local brussels sprouts.