A Mommy’s Gift Idea for the Holidays #Giveaway

So you may remember that over the course of the year, I was given several amazing products that I could test (usually for my daughter) and review. Fortunately, all products that I received over the year we thoroughly loved! And for us, we see them as “MUST HAVES” for that special Child on your shopping list.

Gift But today I have a special giveaway. We LOVE our labels from Stickerkid, they can be personalized to reflect your child’s personality (favourite colors and animals) and look cute! The labels dress up any kid item. Our daughter easily identifies her water bottle now thanks to these labels. Have I mentioned they are durable?

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StickerKid — They offer amazing super cute and durable labels and stickers that help you identify your child’s belongings. Check out my previous post here. They also have attractive wall decals and other great products that your child will love! I am also SUPER excited to share that I recently won one of their Advent prizes, heart shaped stickers that Emy will surely be excited about.

For my readers, StickerKid is giving away $35 COUPON CODE sign up here to be entered in the giveaway.

Oh also, if you ever want to place an order click the image  on the side of my page and you can access my affiliate page directly. I was thrilled when the company asked me to represent their brand. Who does’t love to support high quality, durable kids products?

All comments and reviews are my own. I have in the past been provided with free product to review, and to date am impressed by the quality of not only the product but customer service. 

Being More


I had the real pleasure to meet Julia many years ago when I would often visit her at a local small business. She was always warm and friendly, and it didn’t take long for us to become friends and realize we share many common interest in health and fitness. As moms we share the desire to not only teach our little ones and families the importance of nurturing yourself from the inside-out, but also helping to educate all those around us. 

Welcome Julia! 

Each morning I wake up before the sun and hop out of bed with limitless energy. I lace up my running shoes and head out into the darkness for my run. I get in a good 10 k and watch the sun come up while my feet hit the earth and I draw fresh air into my lungs. When I step into my silent house I unroll my yoga mat and ease into a 30 minute hatha practice. I let my breath guide the movement, always adapting my practice to my needs. Then I jump into the shower before gently waking my kids up and moving forward into the rest of the day.

Oh, wait. That was just a dream. This is how my morning really goes: My alarm goes off at 5:15 and I hit snooze a few times while sandwiched between two sweaty children. Why are they both in my bed again?!! I creep off the end of the bed doing my best not to wake either of them so that I can shower alone. I throw on work clothes, do two minutes of makeup and then rouse my kids for breakfast. My spouse packs the diaper bag and dresses the children while I put together my lunch and make a coffee and smoothie to go. I sneak in a quick Facebook post on my nutrition page before I change my pants because my son wiped peanut butter hands all over them.  I glance longingly at my running shoes and yoga mat as I dash out the door.

A very different picture indeed. One day I will have the time and space for runs and yoga practice. (And when that happens I will probably miss the business of mornings with two small children.) But, for now, I am deep in the trenches with sticky hands and peanut butter kisses. It is a bitter sweet reality that only parents of young children understand. At this stage in my life, unless I hire a babysitter, devoting myself to a long run or full yoga practice is nearly impossible. However, I will not let perfection be the enemy of good. Just because I can’t do an entire exercise regime all at once doesn’t mean I cannot fit activity into my day. It may not be for long, and it may not be alone, but I can fit fitness and movement into my life. Sometimes I walk on my lunch break, sometimes I do two sun salutations, sometimes I run around the block with my daughter laughing in the stroller and my son beside me shouting “our hearts are beating!” It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Every step, every downward dog, and every moment I look up to see my children watching me practice, brings more health and happiness into my life. Besides, plank pose with a toddler on your back is amazing for core strength.

Recently I have been asked by friend and fantastic fitness instructor, Brittany of
My Mama Journey, to pool our talents and create a 6 week boot camp and wellness program that features daily fitness or yoga practice, healthy meal plans and nutrition challenges, and all round amazing energy. Whether you have lots of time, or very little. Whether you are just starting your journey, or are a seasoned wellness warrior, this program is for you! This online program allows you to customize our suggestions to your schedule, whatever it may be! Even if it IS five minutes at a time and you DO have a toddler on your back. And the best part about it? You will be part of an online community of women to support you during this transformational process.

I hope you will join us. Click the picture below for more information.

Brittany Hameed Fitness