Importance of Family Time + Holiday Prep #FITFamily

I have two great things to share today with you all. I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of family time, and to share about a great Holiday challenge that I am launching for all those people who want to get a head start on their New Years Resolution.


I often share with you all about how busy my family and I are with all sorts of activities from swimming class to fitness class to hosting events. We love it! We love the memories we create and the experiences we have together.

But as our daughter gets older we realize that time is passing so quickly and you need to prioritize what you choose to do and who you choose to spend time with. I always wondered growing up why my parents didn’t go out more and why we always tagged along to the different events or weekend getaways. I understand now. You make choices as parents and with so few hours of the day spent together you want to make the most of it.

Our little one in the last 6 months has started to identify herself as a big girl (although she insists that I refer to her as mama’s baby girl. And loves to tell people how I spoil her). Oh how time flies. She is in that stage where she wants the comfort and snuggles, but still wants to be able to make choices and do things independently. We have also noticed that when given a choice between spending time with friends or spending one on one time with us after preschool or on the weekend she always chooses us.


In the beginning, she needed that social time with friends to set her on a routine for the day. Now she just wants her downtime either biking, walking or reading stories. And well sometimes she just wants to play independently with her babies or teddy bears. But at the end of the day, we can sit and watch her use her imagination and be creative. She often sings to herself and tells her babies stories. We spend hours reading books and colouring together.

These are the moments I want to bottle up forever, the memories that I want to freeze. Family is the one constant in our lives, no matter how crazy life becomes or how stressful our external commitments can be… family and the time you spend together it is what keeps you grounded.

It’s your rock and your place to just be yourself.

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Who doesn’t love a great Holiday challenge?

Are you ready to make lasting changes to your lifestyle before the Holidays — to help you stay on track? We will exercise for 5 days a week and be implementing small changes to help you become stronger inside and out. It isn’t too late — the next online program starts  November 8!

Feel free to join in the fun here!  

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Here’s to a healthy, happy, sweaty holiday season!

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