Fitness Adventures: Group Fitness Instructor

Ladies and Gentleman, Fitness Enthusiasts alike,

Drum roll please …..

IMG_2570I have successfully completed my Group Fitness Instructor Certification process! That’s right, I am now a fitness professional and ready to take on the fitness world. My mind is spinning with all sorts of ideas and plans.

I received my certification through our local YMCA and must say that their program is outstanding! The mentorship that I was provided over the last 6 months was truly exceptional, professional and supportive. The studying and preparation for becoming an instructor is so different from my day-to-day job, and despite how anxious or frustrated I became I was always encouraged by fellow Fit Professionals.

My experience included several weekends of in class courses, a take home exam, apprenticeship program, many hours practicing in the gym and teaching solo before I was ready to be certified. While my evaluation was a success, the process itself really highlights your strengths and weaknesses, and what it is you must and should work on to become a stronger professional. I have a lot to work on and learn, so much experience to be gained — it’s going to be a fun process.




I will be volunteering this fall at the YMCA one hour a week, and hope to be able to use my certification to help friends and family in their health and fitness journey and feel the best that they can. I have always said that it is important to take care of YOU, your body and your mind.


For now I will take everything in strides, but I have a passion for healthy living and sharing my energy with others.



But stay tuned for great things to come, and watch my own fitness journey unfold.

Have you ever pursued something so different than your day to day job?

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