Cute Toddler Book Alert #bookreview

Story time is a special time in our household.

As I have shared before, our little one loves to sit and listen while we read her favourite stories. We have noticed that she really loves to read books that she can relate to, whether it is a developmental milestone or a holiday that she is currently celebrating. We usually end up reading those stories multiple times. She loves books, there is no doubt. This could be us sitting down to read to her, or us watching from the kitchen as she flips through the pages of these very loved stories and pretends to read out loud.

Several months ago, she received her first personalized story book by I See Me. This book is now a classic in our household and we read it at least once a night, and even after we have read it we are flipping through the pages and she is pointing out to all of her favourite parts. Without fail, she can’t help but giggle when she sees our picture hanging on the castle wall in the book.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company I See Me! Check out my previous review here.


My little girl recently received a new book from I See Me called My Very Own Fairy Tale Storybook. Again, the book is beautifully written and personalized so sweetly. In a fairy garden far away, she has spent hours over the last month flipping through the pages and asking us to read her this story.

The fairies in the story each share a special quality about little E, including how she is kind, honest, and adorable. Each quality links to a letter of her name. The story reminds us of the need to highlight the special qualities of each child. Positive reinforcement and messaging can go along way, especially at this stage.


Originally, I thought that the book may be a little old for her given the text, but the rhyming and the colourful graphics really grabbed her attention! The length of the story didn’t phase her the slightest. The story kept her interested, giggling and asking me to keep reading. Storybook characters know you, know your personality and likes and dislikes. The graphics made you feel like you were sitting in an enchanted forests, and their individual magic and the love for the reader felt.

Again, outstanding. Since the beginning of my relationship with this company I have not yet been disappointed. Their customer service, professionalism and creativity are outstanding! I look forward to enjoying these books for years to come.


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