Skin Care Products are Key to Healthy Complexions


Okay this is a slightly personal post as I am going to really put myself out there and share with you my nightly routine, photos and all!

Pre-baby I was far more consistent with taking care of my skin pre-baby, in a large part because I had far more time. I can recall many times where my husband would also comment about how diligent I was with maintaining my skin and ensuring that it was properly cleansed and hydrated.

Nowadays, I am lucky to get bathroom time alone without a toddler knocking on the door or wanting to come and “wash her hands”. It always seems like she wants to “potty train” just as I enter the washroom.

I was so excited when Kerri from Brightside Skin Care reached out to me to try her awesome product line. This really will be a journey as it will take 2 weeks before I should start to notice changes and my skin will adjust to the product.

Check out these fun products!


The cute – simple product design really grabs your attention. Makes the line seem young and modern. Love it!

My set us for combination skin. As I do not usually have oil skin and sometimes I only get break outs when it’s that time of month. The products are filled with antioxidants that limit the damaging effects on the skin. But more on the products next time!


A little goes a long way!

I do want to add, however, the products are FREE of: parabens, sulfates, lanolin, carcinogens and many other toxic chemicals. For the most part they are also considered to be gluten-free!

I have to say I was immediately impressed by the outstanding customer service Kerri provided, and the cool video she shared that demonstrated the proper way to use their products. Very few people know the “right” way to care for their skin. By following the appropriate steps you should be able to see noticeable changes in your appearance.


Stay tuned for my thoughts and views on the product at the end of the two-week trial.

What’s your skin care routine?


2 thoughts on “Skin Care Products are Key to Healthy Complexions

  1. ekaterinaheart says:

    I use my Arbknne RE9 skin care routine. Love it! I joined the company when I learned about company ingredient policy and that it’s developed in amazing clean lab with professional scientists. All products are tested on humans and no harmful chemicals and amazing results. A lot of Arbonne products helped my family.

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