Group Fitness Instructor Training Apprenticeship Hours Complete

Now what?

What a journey.


I debated for a long time whether to add the apprenticeship hours to my already hectic life schedule. Like all moms I usually feel guilty spending time doing things for “me” when I could be spending that time with my daughter and my husband.  After much thinking,  I signed up and for three weekends I attended the YMCA class to learn the important steps for becoming a group instructor. Because in the big scheme of things three half days is not a lot if it means that I can complete my certification sooner and start teaching.

The programming for the hours is broken into three sections and each week you start to build on the section from the previous week. By the third class you are teaching your peers a good chunk of a group strength class. You start with the basics like warm ups and work your way through what is required for building a strength programming focused on the various muscle groups (working from big muscles to small ones).

At the beginning of the course I was super nervous and feeling anxious about putting on a microphone and standing in front of a small room of ladies to teach them my “program”. When I say my “program” it’s a mix of work outs/exercises that I have watched some of my favourite instructors teach over the years.

I don’t know what happened to me, but the moment that I put on the microphone, grabbed the weights and resistance bar — something clicked. I immediately felt confident and no longer outside of my “comfort zone”.  I explained to my peers that this sort of thing is so different from my day-to-day job, or anything I imagined I would take on (despite always being an active and fit individual). I am not saying there were not moments were I forgot a segment or that I had to readjust my weights or angle to ensure proper form — it was NOT PERFECT.

But ….

I am looking forward to what’s to come in terms of completing the requirement teaching hours (2-4 formal classes) and the certification process. I am still nervous about this, but I know it will be fine. What is reassuring is the fact that all instructors (including the evaluator) started somewhere. For one reason or another, they too made a decision to become a group fitness instructor and to give back to the community.  Who knows, maybe in a few months I will consider adding some sort of nutrition course or sports nutrition certificate (also a YMCA program). 

Stay tuned friends, I am learning and hopefully can continue to grow into a healthier, fitter me, while sharing to the world my love to give back and teach those around me.

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