CSA Basket #3, #shoplocal @Rochongardens


We love to shop local when we can!

I know, I know we live in a globalized world and it is not always possible or easy to do so. Most of our products or components of our goods from different parts of the world.

But when it comes to farm fresh produce, why not seek out the best possible quality!

Throughout the summer I hope to showcase the amazing produce we receive from Rochon Gardens on Thursday evening and on Sunday’s I will share with you how we have used what we received to plan our meals for the week.


Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.




Take a look at the goodies we received this week, June 11, 2015, homemade jam and salad dressing too!


Check out more about the Community Agricultural Share program now!

Give back to your community.



3 thoughts on “CSA Basket #3, #shoplocal @Rochongardens

  1. Reona Turcotte says:

    What a variety of veggies….sooo green…..and fresh!!! I know the amazing meals that will come out of this basket!!!MMMMMM!!

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