The Advice of a Thirty Something ….

As I exit my twenty something’s and enter a new phase in my life (official celebration was Wednesday June 3) I want to share with you the 8 lessons I have learned over the years.

(Well it has taken me almost 30 years to figure these out!).


I won’t be that cliché girl who says that I am so over my twenties, just in order to deal with the next stage. I loved those years, I moved away from home (twice), travelled, met my husband, moved out of province to complete my Masters, accepted full-time employment, and had a little girl (and attended my very first concert – okay I was 29 years old when that happened, but JT was worth it!).


And these examples are only a small snapshot of those twenty something years. In between there were language exchanges, parties, friendships and all sorts of challenges.

To be totally honest, turning 25 years old was a lot harder than turning 30. Perhaps because I am more comfortable in my own skin now, feel far more confident and together than I did at 25 years old. Of course I have my moments…

So little grasshopper, let me bestow the following words of wisdom.

1. Be positive. Plain and simple, you realize as you get older how this very simple attitude can mean the world of a difference in how you approach your life, those around you and the challenges that are thrown at you. Be a nice human being (check out this fabulous tote from Hello Totes that reinforces this!.




2. Don’t forget to live a little. Your twenty something self always was willing to take on the next adventure, book the next trip or stay up late hanging out with friends, dancing and going for breakfast as the sun is coming up.



3. You never look as young as you feel. And that’s okay. Learn to age gracefully. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I can fool those around me as someone younger, you know that twenty something gal all over again. I think as you get older your realize what’s important in life – healthy eating, exercise and sleep (still learning that one). All of these things will keep you healthy for many more decades to come.



4. Prioritization is important in life. The realization that there are only a limited number of hours in a day and that time should be spent with those you love and doing what it is you love to do.


 5. Self discovery never stops. I realized while on maternity leave that I needed to pursue something as a hobby that challenged me and excited me. I started a group fitness certification program that I hope to be able to leverage in the future into a small fitness business. Just something to do during my past time, and that will show my daughter the importance of balance and living a healthy lifestyle.



 6. Being an “early riser” is cool! In your 30’s you realize that so much more can be accomplished if you get up early, especially on the weekend. On a typical Sunday morning, we get up, go out for breakfast, walk around the market, hit up the playground and home by 11am. I am also now struggling to become apart of the #5am club. So far, verdict is out on whether it will stick.



7. Be comfortable with YOU. Yes of course we all question ourselves and at times we are likely our hardest critics (I know I am). But at 30, you get over that real quick. Stop caring about what others think about you (this has been and continues to be a real struggle for me sometimes). I am a perfectionist and I have to recognize not everyone feels the same or sets the same expectations.


The real question is “what do you think about yourself?” and how can you ensure that you will always maintain a positive uplifting outlook.

Be true to you, and everything else will fall into place.


8. Challenge yourself. Okay, here is the cliché. Follow your dreams, challenge yourself to be able to reach those dreams you set back early in your 20’s. Yes, not all of them will be possible. And yes, reality to a certain point sinks in and you realize you can’t actually solve the world crisis or sail the world. So for me, one of my goals was to complete my first 1/2 marathon.

Hopefully it will happen this year. It was something I have been holding until since 2012 and the time has come to actually challenge myself to accomplish this goal.
Welcome to your 30’s … when you have crossed lined from adolescent to adulthood.

What would you add to this list?


4 thoughts on “The Advice of a Thirty Something ….

  1. Reona Turcotte says:

    Your list covers 30 years of living and growing …I can only add to Remember to never take anything for granted…from a snowflake, to a raindrop, a sunrise, or a sunset…
    Be the best YOU that you can be ,,,and
    Always remember to be KIND to all…..”pay forward” are words to live by

  2. Jennifer Florence says:

    Love this list!! I would add to rediscover and reevaluate who YOU are. After 2 kids I became “mommy” and forgot who I had been before. Turning 35 made me realize this and I’ve spent the past year and a half figuring it all out again. Best thing I ever did in my thirties!!

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