A Day in #MyLife

So thanks to Carmy I am sharing a picture diary of A day in the life of me, my Mama Journey.

Join me while I share the exciting world (opps, day) of a working full-time mama who tries to balance it all while maintaining a smile on her face!

My plan is always to wake up earlier than 5:20am, but it’s rare unless I am meeting a friend for a morning run! So don’t let the picture fool you, I often press snooze
1-2, okay 3 times.

I get dressed (I usually shower the night before) and prep my running bag before waking up my two year old.


I run to work 4 times a week, but aim for 5 times on the nicer, warmer days! Sometimes I can’t escape my office at lunch so running to/from work is what clears my mind.



My new kicks! For my upcoming half marathon! Love Mizuno (wear them everyday)

When my daughter wakes up, we usually play for a few minutes before breakfast (it is always FRESH oatmeal with blueberries, her favourite breakfast!).


If we wake up on time, we sometimes spend time colouring while she eats breakfast and I sip my espresso!


Once I get to work, I grab a coffee (yes, my second cup of the day from Starbucks or local coffee shop Bridgehead, check emails, read the news and plug away on my assignments.


Yummy Dark Roast Coffee!

Fast forward to lunch —- on Tuesday and Thursday I try to either get out for a lunch time bootcamp or go for a 5km run along the Gatineau River with some colleagues of mine. We all share a passion for running and it really does help with creating a stronger team morale. On the other days, I am either working on my group fitness instructor certification or at the YMCA doing a group fitness class.

Of course, my husband and I try to always pack our lunch the night before so it’s easy to eat at our desk and easy to grab in the morning (not shown, my daily smoothie!).

My afternoon at work is much like the morning, give or take a few requests that may come my way. Although I do always take the afternoon as an opportunity to snack!


My favourite part of the day is when I get changed back into my running clothes (yes, I am one of those people who are always wearing running shoes now!) and pick up this sweetie pie! She keeps us busy. Unfortunately today it was rainy so no park time. Usually, after school pick up we go to the park for close to 1 hour just before dinner.


My husband usually prepares our dinner (in the summer BBQ- almost 30 and no IDEA how to turn on a BBQ) while I spend time with my daughter (she is a mama’s girl).


Mama and Daughter Time!

From the time I pick her up until bed time I really try to disconnect. She prefers this! She usually insist that I put my phone away and I try to respect that when I can.


Once the bedtime routine is finished, my husband and I usually spend that time cleaning up or eating dinner. (YES! I know it is late, 8:00pm but sometimes it is unavoidable).

Sometimes, we will also do a bit of gardening. It can be tough to manage it all in such a short period of time in the evening. We will also prepare the food for the next nights dinner. As I have said in the past, marinated meat is a MUST for my husband, which means being organized is a must in this household (while as organized as a small family of three, who live a VERY busy life can be).










The last piece of our day… a LARGE cup of tea. Yes, the night just isn’t the same without a warm comforting cup of tea before bed. It really sets the tone for our relaxing evening.


Oh yah, and then there is the laundry… the bottomless laundry basket.

Can anyone else relate?


That’s it! A day in the life of me.

I know you can’t wait to find out how my fellow CAnadian sweatpink’ers spend their days!

Check out their lives below, you won’t be disappointed!


Susan @  http://dothingsalways.blogspot.ca





7 thoughts on “A Day in #MyLife

  1. Tina G says:

    oh 520…sooo early. I hate 620 on work days. Funny, I complain less at those 530 alarms for running! a busy day indeed…you day seems MUCH busier than mine! ha! Kids or not…the endless laundry. i need to do that tomorrow. :-0

  2. Heather @ GirlGoesRunning says:

    I’m totally envious that you can run to work but hats off to you! How far is it for you to run there? On the days you run at lunch are you doubling up on your runs? Sorry for all the questions! LOL. I love your dining room area. 🙂

  3. luciepalka says:

    Yep, I have a busy 2 year old son so i can relate, except we never have to wake him up, he’s always up about 6:30, On week days, I only get to see him for 2 hours in the morning, and about 3hrs after work! Doesn’t seem like much. Like you, I try to take him to the park or walk around our neighbourhood after dinner because he loves it! I usually run at lunch since it’s the only time I have to myself during the week!

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