#Running With Your Family!

From Day 1, my little girl was strapped into her stroller and I was off running or walking around the Rideau Canal in Ottawa’s capital city. Beautiful, peaceful and one of the prime spots to see how “FIT” this great city really is … people are sharing the path for regular running meet ups, cycling and dog walking. You will see families playing in the green spaces along the canal and enjoying picnics together.

These stroller running moments we share now are even more meaningful! My little one is engaged, singing and talking as I run. She points out the ducks in the river, asks questions and even encourages me to run faster (and at times when I want to slow down she tells me “Run Mama Run!”). But most importantly, I know she is learning from these times together — these moments and memories are teaching her the importance of living a healthy lifestyle early on. She will grow up with it being apart of her DNA. Something that is very much apart of who she is, who she is becoming.

As you know, I am participating in National Stroller Runner Day on May 31st. And thanks to Runtastic I am able to provide you with some amazing tips and tricks for making fitness a family affair.

Check out the infographic below! 


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