May – Get Caught #Reading Month

We are celebrating Get Caught Reading Month by reading Emyrah’s personalized Princess book from the one and only
I See ME


From the moment I connected with I See Me, their passion for personalizing a child’s reading experience and ensuring the highest quality of product for their readers (they offer more than just books too) was so clear.

In the words of our two-year old … “WOW!”

When we opened the package, we were immediately in love with not only our new story, but the quality of the book and the detail and thought put into the book to ensure an unforgettable reading experience.


The book reflected our little one’s interests, from her favourite color and foods, to her personality and favourite animal names.

What does this do for a child? It helps them connect with the story, share in the joys of the storybook character’s life and activities. For my little one, she would excitedly point out each detail that grabbed her attention and reflected her interests.

There are many incredible things to share about this book. The graphics (and the detail of each page) really captivated my young daughter’s attention as we read the story (trust me we have read it more than once!). The story itself made me reminiscence about my own childhood, and to recall just how vivid of an imagination and sense of creativity you have as a child. This was very much emulated through the story’s Princess character.

The colors and design of each page, so carefully and tastefully chosen. I was asked to provide the company with my daughter’s favourite color, and after having asked Emy what it was, she told me purple. So the book’s main character wears a purple dress and the hues in the book seem to be from the same colour family.

The story itself is sweet and it easy to follow (important for young children listening to the story, as well as kids who are learning to read on their own). You are able to really imagine how life would be if you just woke up one morning to find out you were a Princess.

Who is that Princess in your life that would enjoy a story that would help her daydream about castles and ponies?


This award winning company I See Me has a large selection of children’s books and stickers, all able to be customized for your child. It’s worth checking them out for any upcoming special occasion. 


Disclaimer: In exchange for an honest review, I was provided with a complimentary copy of a personalized Princess book and a coupon to use towards my next purchase. For us, we will be taking advantage of this coupon soon. 


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