Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, Scotiabank Media Charity Run

Reposting from Kids in the Capital

One of my favourite times of year in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital City, is Ottawa Race Weekend. Since moving to Ottawa there has been only one year (2013 – when my daughter was born the same week as the race) that I was unable to participate in or observe the runs.

There is so much energy in the city at that time. The camaraderie of runners and spectators alike, and the excitement and buzz surrounding the week leading up to the actual weekend, always reinforces exactly why I was so drawn to this city.

This year I am adding a special twist to my Race Weekend participation. I am not just running for me, but I am combining my love for running while representing Kids in the Capital as part of the FIRST EVER Scotiabank Media Challenge and Scotiabank Charity Challenge.

My efforts (with your HELP!) over the next 4 weeks will be about training, fundraising and sharing how the CHEO Foundation plays an important role in our community.

What’s the CHEO Foundation?

The sole purpose of the CHEO Foundation is to raise funds to help support the work of the  Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Donations help the hospital provide a wide variety of pediatric programs, research, state-of the art equipment, medical and nursing education, and assistance for families in crisis.

TO learn more about the Foundation and the Children’s Hospital, and what they both have to offer click here.

How can You help? 

  • Consider making a donation, no amount is too small. Here is the link to my fundraising page!
  • Spread the word! Social media is having a profound effect on making our local communities aware of what’s happening. Please share this post with your family and friends, or tweet to us at @BrittHameed and @kidsincapital and we will be sure to connect!
  • Support the Ottawa Race Weekend runners on race day! Check here for the scheduled times and we will be looking for you all in the crowds!
  • If you would like to contribute directly to Cheo Foundation,  click here for details on how that’s possible.

My Commitment to You and the CHEO Foundation? 

  • Update regularly on training and fundraising progress via Kids in the Capital, my personal blog and/or our social media platforms!
  • Tweet (@BRittHameed) throughout the event (and possibly en route!)
  • Stay tuned for a post-race and fundraising recap!

Brittany is a Canadian mama on a journey to live a healthy lifestyle and to share what works in the world of health and fitness for her and her family. Check her out on her blog, My Mama Journey, and over on twitter and instagram!

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