NATIONAL Princess Week April 20-26: I See ME

How many of you have a daughter (or son)
who love to read?

For my family, from the firs day we brought our daughter home we encouraged reading.  We would sit and read her stories, tell her stories, and now not only does she love for us to read to her, she will sit and “read” (keep in mind she is just shy of two years).
Is it crazy that an almost 2-year-old has some of her favourite books memorized?
I love her passion for reading and I can’t wait to read to her a copy of the I SEE ME book that was customized just for her!

I SEE ME! is celebrating by offering free shopping on select princess products. Including: A Day in the Life of a Princess Book and their Princess Colouring Book. CODE: PRINCESSWE makes for a fun present for the special little boy or girl in your life. They have so many fun options!
It’s worth at least checking them out.
 *Stay tuned, for my review of one of these great books in May! 

Disclaimer: In return for an honest review of the I See Me product, I am receiving a complimentary copy of a Princess book customized to our little sweetie.

2 thoughts on “NATIONAL Princess Week April 20-26: I See ME

  1. Reona Turcotte says:

    The written word can take you anywhere without leaving the comfort of your living room!!Opens up a world of adventure, excitement and opportunities.

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