Travelling Mom Tips

A few months ago I shared a joint guest post with Trainer and Life Coach Keridon on how to stay fit while working on the road. Since travelling is a component of my current profession, I reflect on this often. How can I be sure to take care of myself better, while I am away.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be super hard especially when you travel to places where there are delicious foods and drinks.

Here are some helpful tips I’d like to share with you, ones that I put to the test this past week and like to helped me stay on track:

wpid-dsc_0537.jpg1. I like to snack.

Here’s is a tried and tasted way to curb your carvings (it helped me!) Don’t be afraid to pack a couple of small, empty containers that you can use while travelling to store snacks in your bags. I used my 21 day fix containers because they are light weight and small. Worked like a charm. I filled one container with fresh trail mix (nuts, dried fruit) and added a few chocolate covered almonds.


2. Always carry a water bottle.


HYDRATION is key while travelling on planes or if you are spending long days in meetings. I love drinking tap water, but I tend to be a little bit more cautious while travelling. I often will buy a case of water or sparkling water and will ALWAYS carry a full bottle in my bag. Water helps me to stay focused. Hydration plays a huge factor with your concentration.





3. Comfortable walking shoes. You know how back in the day fashion always came before comfort! While this may in certain circumstances be the case, but as you prioritize your health it’s the small things like being able to walk to your destination and to explore that is more valuable to you on your health journey.  I prefer walking to my meetings or workshops if I can get somewhere in under 30 mins or so. Two work trips ago, I felt like I walked 10 kms a day. I always make it a point to leave 45 mins before my meeting so that I can enjoy my walk and if it’s a new city, discover the sights and take in the fresh air.



4. Stay somewhere with a small gym or easy access to places to run/walk first thing in the mornings or evenings.

5. Buy some healthy snack options for the hotel room. I always buy yogurt, fruit and nuts when I have access to a mini bar fridge. Sometimes I will also buy a little cheese.




6. Pack workout gear. If time permits, do a HIIT routine right in your room or practice some of your favourite (equipment free) exercises. When all else fails do the basics, push ups, triceps dips, lunges and squats.



I joined the party and linked up again with April from Diapers and Tutus for our weekly Every Day Mom posts. Check out her website if you want to see some other greats posts and to learn more about our wonderful host. 

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