#FridayFavourites – #Springclothing, #Water and #NewChallenges

It’s that time of the week again and I am pairing up with Life In Leggings to share with you my Friday Favourites!


#1 – Spring Clothing

Yellow, anyone? Ankle pants and cute ankle boots? Yes please!! There is plenty more where that came from too. I love the Pixie pants from Old Navy too! Super cute, versatile and they don’t cost a fortune.


I also added a cute new Lole (Canadian company in the house!) raincoat, neutral coloured and super lightweight. LOVE IT!

And found it recently at Sports Experts for 50% off! Looks cute paired with my rain boots and what’s better than having a coat that you don’t mind wearing while playing in the park?


#2 – Water: Lately, I have been finding myself feeling even more dehydrated. Drinking water has been a real struggle since I started back to work last year. While on maternity leave I would drink over 4 litres of water a day, and ALWAYS from this bottle. This isn’t an add or plug for Nalgene, but the point is that it helped me to keep track of my daily intake, and in many ways it’s what kept me accountable. Give it a try!

(Public service note, lately I have noticed a lot of women posting that they are reusing milk jugs to keep track of their water intake. Please don’t! Throw those plastic jugs out! It isn’t healthy to reuse these jugs. I know, I know, my Nalgene is also plastic but it is BPA free and the plastic is meant for constant use. I do agree that glass is a much better, longer term solution.)

#3 – New Challenges 

This is a year of challenging myself – signing up for my first 1/2 marathon and becoming a certified group fitness instructor. To add to this growing list of “challenges”, I would like to add Running Room Clinic Instructor, Learn to Run (with strollers) starts May 1, Slater street store.

FWO_flyer_slater Post
Registration link is live here!

Where are my running ladies?

Pass it on, and see you at the store on May 1.

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