#Scramble Me Some #Tofu – #VeganRecipes


SOO I missed Tasty Tuesday, but it is never too late to share a good recipe.

We love Angela Liddon’s “Oh She Glows” cookbook (check out her blog too!). The creative and sure to be tasty recipes keep us wanting more, to try another new and fresh recipe.

One of our friends introduced us to her breakfast goodie — Tofu Scramble. DELISH! And toddler friendly. Check out the veggies below, how could you go wrong? While the recipe makes recommendations for what you could sauté, add anything you want. All you need is fresh veggies, tofu, salt, pepper and whatever seasoning you love.

Be creative!

wpid-dsc_0364.jpg This makes for an excellent brunch dish that will keep your guests coming back for more. Don’t underestimate tofu and how delicious it really can be. I was skeptical too at first, but I gave it a try. wpid-dsc_0368.jpg

Note – I have not been asked to provide a review, I am doing so because we love the book and the recipes she includes. Our family is in love with the variety and the unique recipes and tastes. 

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