#MotivationalMonday: We are DOING this! (#ottawaraceweekend)

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Okay, so some of you have probably saw my latest Instagram pic about the Kids Marathon for CHEO (our local children’s hospital). An exciting activity that is part of the popular Ottawa Race Weekend.

Crazy, maybe? But the concept is incredible and we thought it was definitely worthy of a motivational Monday post.

wpid-dsc_0339.jpgHere’s how it works. For every 30 mins of activity that your child does it counts for 1 kilometre towards their “full marathon”. The goal being is that once they reach the final 1.2 kilometres they will walk/run that final portion during the actual race weekend.

As many of you know, the main reason for this blog and push for branching out to the world of fitness is because of our daughter (as I have shared in My Driving Force). I am excited to be able to share with her my love of running and living an active lifestyle even if she will just be a day over two years old the day of the “Kids Marathon”.

Stay tuned for how it goes over the next few weeks. She will be amazing, she lives for the park and she has a strong desire to “run.”

I am confident that reaching her “goal distance” won’t be a problem. 


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