#EasterTreats for #Toddlers, it’s a difficult one!

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Easter Treats for Toddlers, it’s a difficult one! 

As a parent to an almost 2 year old, finding something that will spark their interest and keep them entertained Easter morning can be a challenge. Growing up, I remember the excitement of searching for Easter eggs and gathering the small treats my parents would hide for us. I also remember the excitement of buying a new Easter outfit, pastel in color and the feeling of renewal and fresh starts.

So here we are … beginning new traditions for our little bunny. 

Here is a sneak peek of the basket of treats we put together for her that will surely keep her entertained all morning.


1. Cute traditional Easter wicker or animal basket
2. A rubber duckie (see purple polka dot one!) My daughter loves it!
3. Toothbrush (for all the chocolate she will be allowed to eat on Sunday)
4. Coloring Book
5.Playdough (always a fun present!)
6. Hair accessories
7. Sofia Disney themed snack bags
8. Lindt Chocolates
9. Stickers


Don’t be afraid to check out your local dollar store or pharmacy for cute
seasonal items. 


3 thoughts on “#EasterTreats for #Toddlers, it’s a difficult one!

  1. April says:

    I love finding things for easter that do not hurt the wallet! We do not go crazy on Easter, just one small toy – 10 dollars or less and then dollar store or target dollar items ad candy! That’s it and then its done and they enjoy it!

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