#Community and Its Wonders

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Community is a funny thing.


It can come in all sorts of forms and is defined as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common,” It can be your neighbourhood, your workplace or even the online community people are forming now with like-minded individuals.

For me, it is really a combination of all the above. 

As my presence online grows through my lifestyle blogging and my fitness/health reach, I have started to develop a community of like-minded followers. A group of individuals that I may never meet, but that continue to help nurture and grow my dreams. These individuals are not only supporting my blogging efforts,but by offering kind and inspiring words as I share my desires to complete a half, become a fitness instructor and share the joys and challenges as a parent.

Today, I felt like giving a special shout out to a few individuals, who have been kind enough to share posts related to My Mama Journey:

Kristen Jones: A fellow Sweat Pink sister! She does a weekly Hot Mom Checkin! And she was kind enough to do one on me, check it out here!

Kids in the Capital: Based in Ottawa, and helps to promote amazing people and activities in the Capital of Canada, Ottawa.Check out the post she shared of mine related to travelling with a toddler, click here!  

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