#FridayFavourites – #Mizunos, #Adventures and #HelloTotes

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Linking up with the lovely “Life In Leggings” to bring you my Friday favourites! This weekend I have three great things I can’t wait to share with you …

1. Hello totes



Seriously, do I need to say more? LOVE THIS TOTE! I bought two awesome totes from Hello Totes (they ship to CANADA!!).

And I just love the energy and positivity that this small business owner strives to share with the world. For more information and other great designs check out her website here.



2. Mizunos 

Love my runners! I MUST REPLACE them before my 1/2 marathon (anyone, suggestions of a particular Mizuno style?), but there is a little more life left in these great sneakers. One of our local Running Rooms highly recommended this brand and style when I was getting back into running, and I don’t think that I could ever try a new brand! Light weight, awesome colors and amazing support!


These sneakers have travelled the world: Geneva, Washington, and Dubai. In fact, I even wore these sneakers when I ran in the Dubai Marathon last year. Amazing memories!

 3. New Books

My little family and I love BOOKS! Unfortunately, I don’t get to read as much as I use too, but when I do … I remember exactly why I loved to read as a kid.  Recently, my focus has shifted and I have been reading a lot of books related to health and fitness. This is such a great way to stay motivated and focused on my goals. I just ordered the following book: The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess. SUPER excited to crack them open and to be able to apply what I learn during my fitness journey.



Life In Leggings

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