#FridayFavourites – #Rainboots, #puddles and #friendships

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“It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood …” 

Remember that song, the one sung by the one and only Mr. Rogers? It seems so appropriate these days as the temperatures rise, as more and more people venture out from hibernation to enjoy the sunshine.

I know that I mentioned this last week, but I can’t help but share that one of my favourite seasons is just beginning —- SPRING! The freshness and the warm sun just make me feel so renewed.

So in the spirit of Friday favourites, I would love to share with you my top three favourite things from this week (this is a long one today!):


1) Puddles: Who doesn’t like to jump in puddles? Both my daughter and I share this activity. It takes everything in me to resist just jumping right now. In the mean time, my little one sees a puddle and insists that she must walk through the “water … pani” That’s right not only does she jump in puddles she insists on doing it bilingually (English/Urdu).

wpid-dsc_0182.jpg2) Rain Boots: On Thursday, I walked to/from work in rain boots. Yes I was thankful to be able to wear something more light weight compared to my winter boots. Who would have thought that rain boots would be cool again? There are a must have here in my city. As the crazy amounts of snow melt you are left with beautiful slushy like sidewalks. But they are great for all the “puddle jumping” that I like to do.

3) Friendship

wpid-dsc_0152.jpgHow many new parents feel all alone when they first become parents? How many of you were the first among your group of friends to begin a family? For us, we were the first to have a baby, which meant that we were the first to learn the ropes of being a parent, searched out like-minded parents and had to explain to our friends who were not yet in this situation why we couldn’t go out with the baby past 8pm. We have met great families in our local park, through our daughter’s activities and have become close with the families that I met while on maternity leave. I am so thankful to have met some amazing people and to be able to share in each other’s parenting journeys. More over, we love being able to teach our daughter the value of friendship and being kind and nurturing of those relationships.

I want to share one particular story about friendship. When my daughter was 4 months old we had already started considering childcare options for when I would go back to work (12 months old). Someone mentioned doing a nanny share, so I did a bit of research and looking around in our neighbourhood and low and behold we saw an ad for another family (literally around the corner) who was looking to share a caregiver situation.

So I quickly replied and we met shortly after at a local coffee shop. Literally, within 15 mins this other lady (we will call her “C” is now one of my closest friends) and I had shared way to much personal information, birthing stories and fears (you name it, we discussed it during that initial coffee date). Even crazier was the fact that our daughters were only two days apart in terms of birthdays and age. Our families since the Fall of 2013 have become very close. In fact C and I pretty much speak twice a day, first thing in the morning and just before bed. Who would have thought that this is where a Kijiji relationship would lead.

As a result of that ad, our two families welcomed into our homes a very special women, who took care of our children from 11 months old. She has taught them many things, and has helped them become independent beautiful little girls. Thanks to this amazing experience we have grown together as families, shared some important milestones and beginning the first week of April the girls will begin at the same nursery school. This is why I consider friendship one of my favourite things. You never know who you are going to meet and how you will connect.

There are many other examples, which I will share with you all in time.  Who would have thought that the families you meet in the park will become some of the  people you will turn to share with and rely on …. 

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4 thoughts on “#FridayFavourites – #Rainboots, #puddles and #friendships

  1. Reona Turcotte says:

    Like you say,,,even with the puddles, boots and the fun that Spring brings, is the Friendship that grows within your neighborhood,,,

  2. c says:

    What a lovely post- the best part of being a mama is these rich friendships we gain x2 both for the mamas and our wee ones- it warms my heart to think of how lucky we all are!

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