It’s #smoothietime!

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Tasty Tuesday is one of my favourite times of week! 

Why you ask? 

We love to share with you the sometimes creative and delicious recipes that my hubby and I come up with in our small little kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, we find our inspiration from all sorts of places (Pinterest is my frenemy).

But what makes our recipes different, you know just a bit more unique, we experiment and add our favourite flavours or herb.

Living on the edge folks …

This is what living on the edge looks like at 30 (well almost 30!). 

Today, it’s all about smoothies! As you know, my husband loves to prepare our smoothies (we drink our breakfast, yummy!) and the only way to ensure we don’t get bored with them …. change up the recipes and add the weirdest combinations!


My smoothie for this Tasty Tuesday has a wide range of fruits and veggies, including a new combination of flavours for me. From the top you can see that he has put Chia seeds and arugula (yes … arugula, I was unsure too… still am actually!)


From the side you might note that he has also put spinach in the bottom, farm fresh cranberries, fresh mango and strawberries. And yes, weird ingredient #2 with this combination — avocado.

I asked for tropical paradise, memories of a beach and he comes up with this …


My husband’s smoothie, while similar in terms of the “main ingredients” contains one VERY different ingredient.

Something I am not a fan of…. Ginger.Yes ginger!

Don’t be afraid to try new things, mix combinations and find out what satisfies your taste buds (oh and for all my Canadian followers, add a couple of drops of Vitamin D. A must have for our long winters). What sorts of “crazy” ingredients do you love ?

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