Dear Elmo, CAN WE TALK?!


Dear Elmo,

On behalf of many concerned bewildered parents, we have but one simple question – what’s your magic?  Come on … give us some insights or a simple clue.

It seems that no matter who you speak to, the level of exposure their (our) children have or the cultural and language background every child knows your name. It’s like you are their personal friend.  You seem to solve problems that parents cannot solve. When our child is sad – just mention your name. When our child is angry – show them Elmo. When you want them to finish eating, take a nap, go outside and play or just simply listen to what we are asking – just say “Do it for Elmo”.

Our child(ren) calls out for you. Looks to spend quality time with you every time someone pulls out their phone or iPad. Our child shows us immense affection just prior to sneakily and cheekily asking for Elmo… testing the waters to see if we will give in. If you have something to say, our child copies; if you share an emotion, our child mimics.

Many of us parents would love to understand, without Abby and her magical wand, what’s this magical puppet power you possess? If only we were able to imitate your actions or your infectious personality, we wouldn’t be reaching out to you.

Is it your good looks? The red fuzzy fur? The big expressive eyes? Your childlike voice? Tell us…
help us we NEED to understand.

Oh Elmo … despite all of our questions and confusion, it hasn’t stopped us from taking you on vacation. In fact, you have seen parts of the world that we haven’t even visited until our adult life (so many firsts), including our most recent trip to Washington D.C. And of course, what would “home for the holidays” be without you, celebrating Christmas with us in small town NB.


Amazed Parents around the world

5 thoughts on “Dear Elmo, CAN WE TALK?!

  1. autumnhm says:

    Oh yes Elmo. Avery fell in love the first time she saw Elmo. I really thought she would like Abby because of the whole fairy thing but if you hold an Elmo doll and an Abby doll next to each other she picks Elmo every time. I too would like to know his magical powers 🙂

  2. shopgirlanonymous says:

    Before I had kids, I always said my kids will never watch Elmo and now here I sit in the process of constructing a poem entitled Ode to the Elmo. I feel like I owe him so much for that twenty minutes he mesmerizes my daughter each morning, giving me twenty minutes of peace.

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