Final Meal Tip: Make it a Family Affair


Final Tip of This Segment!

Meal Planning Tip #5:
Have fun with it, more importantly make it a family affair! 


You know what makes preparing a meal fun? Doing it together, as a family. And even if your children are too young, consider it the much needed alone time you and your significant other need.

Whenever my hubby and I cook together, our reactions are the same

“Gee this is what I love, you and me in the kitchen! Hanging out, laughing and experimenting with new recipes.” 

What makes it fun? Adding your own twist to a dish — like spicing up a traditional family favourite or being adventurous with a new recipe.

Make it your family time, and enjoy it!

It’s the one time in the day/week where you can shut yourself off from the outside world and concentrate on what’s best for your little unit.

Feeding mind and body!


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