The much dreaded, but rewarding weekly meal prep!

Okay, here we are Sunday night another end of the weekend (or beginning of the weekend, lol) It shouldn’t surprise us, but it always seems to come up before you know it. Just as you start to get into the groove of enjoying your weekend you are planning for the next week ahead. This usually is the dreaded time of the week for us, especially as we sit down and try to plan our weeknight dinners, including cutting or cooking the veggies and meat for the main dishes. Up unil this point, we shared a weekly vegetable basket from Bryson Farms, which helped to make planning just that much easier.

For us, throughout the week we have so many ideas,

Honey, don’t forget about this recipe
Lets make that on Sunday!”
Oh Sunday I will make homemade bread” and it goes on.

When Sunday rolls around we struggle to decide on a meal plan for the week, and we feel exhausted at the thought of spending 2 hours on the weekend preparing. And while we always do, the feeling of “ugh, not again” seems to always come first.

It happened again this weekend, but I think it was partly because we were up most of Sunday morning (until 4:30am) up with our overly active toddler. So naturally, exhaustion got the best of us. So during nap time, my hubby and I sat down and planned  the weekly meals (think about posting the plan on the fridge as a simple reminder!).

Stay tuned this week as I share what a typical meal plan is like at our household! But in the meantime here is a brief snap shot of the prep underway at our home.


What helps for us — keep the bigger goal in mind! The idea of not having to worry about meals for the week, which in turn means a quieter, more relaxed week night is PURELY satisfying. So despite all huffing and puffing the end reward of spending more time together, free of household duties is worth it.

2 thoughts on “The much dreaded, but rewarding weekly meal prep!

  1. Kay Hayes says:

    I tried this when I was working and it made daily meals so much more rewarding. I attended a workshop on making a month of meals in a day!!!!! That’s a good challenge, especially when there are two or more participating.

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